You don’t need a GPS device, get HERE on your smartphone for free

When we first bought our car here in Canada, I quickly searched the net for great deals on GPS navigation devices. A friend told me to just install an app on my smartphone as there are those out there that don’t require mobile data to operate. Luckily, I also discovered a free navigation app called HERE by Nokia which is available for iOS and Android.

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With HERE, you can use your smartphone as a navigation device even offline. All you need is to turn on the Location or GPS on your phone for it to work which means you can’t use your iPod Touch for it. Of course, you also need to download your maps. In our case we downloaded the whole Ontario map.

It worked like a charm. Just punch in your destination address and it will present you with different routes along with the estimated drive time. You can also put in settings to avoid tollways and highways if you wish to stick to local streets.

POI is very limited with the downloaded map so you may want to connect to the internet if you want to search for Points of Interests and save that address. Another good thing when using HERE with data on is that it also gives you traffic updates and takes that into account when providing route info.

HERE also lets you save addresses into their own folder which is good for planning for a long trip. I have restaurants, locations, hotels, saved for a trip to Niagara, or Toronto, or the sights we went to when we visited Montreal. And since you’re using your smartphone, you don’t have to deal with the tricky touchscreen of most standalone GPS devices.

I highly recommend using HERE instead of shelling out for a GPS device or other paid apps. I’ve used it a lot and it has never failed to give me the correct directions. I use it all the time for Niagara trips and even to Buffalo, New York. Used it to plan all our stops when we drove from Mississauga all the way to Montreal. It’s really cool. Try it! Just get a smartphone holder for your car and you’re all set.

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