Top 3 digital coupon apps for the thrifty Canadian

If you don’t know what a digital coupon app is, it’s basically an app that gives you rebate on certain grocery items that you buy. Every week, there are a set of grocery items that will earn you cash back when you upload your receipt on the app. For example, if you buy a Scrubbing Bubble cleaner, the app will give you $3 cash back for it. Way to save right? Once you reach a certain amount, you can request payment from the app.

grocery receipt

The cash back earned isn’t a lot most of the time but if you combine it with weekly sales and your credit card’s cash back, you’re bound to save a lot in the long run.

There are a handful of digital coupon apps available to Canadians and I’m pretty sure I’ve used them all. Unfortunately, only three are worth mentioning if you want to spend time every week with these apps.

1. Checkout 51 [iOS | Android]


This is by far the best digital coupon app that I had success with. They load a lot of offers every week in a variety of categories and the items are those that a lot of people buy often. Snacks such as Pringles or Lays, baby products like diapers and wipes, medicine, cleaning products, you’re most likely to have a cash back every week.

Since using it last year, I’ve earned $88 from it. Not bad, maybe I can finally buy that pair of sneakers that I’ve always wanted.

Minimum cashout: $20
Payment method: Check

2. Zweet [iOS | Android]


Zweet doesn’t offer a lot of items compared to Checkout 51 but what you can count on are staples such as any kind of fruit, or milk. etc. It’s not enough though. They regularly have nice offers the past year but recently it’s always been specialty products that they offer.

I started using Zweet at the same time as Checkout 51 and have only earned $15.75. Not even enough for their $20 cash out. You also earn what they call Zweet points by the way but they haven’t figured out yet what to do with those and I won’t be surprised if it gets completely scrapped off.

Minimum cashout: $20
Payment method: Check

3. Caddle [iOS]

caddleCaddle is a fairly new player in the game but it shows promise despite the limited number of offers they have. What’s nice about them is that most of their offers are not brand-centric. They will accept a receipt for any type of mouthwash for example. They also have some non-grocery offers that will earn you cash back like a gas receipt totaling $30 or more, or any $30 restaurant receipt, or any $30 clothing receipt.

What’s also different with Caddle is that you can even earn cash back by answering really quick 5-question surveys or watching short video ads. That made up for the lack of offers.

I only started using Caddle a few weeks ago and have earned $8. They’re still new so I’ll give them more time to ramp up their offers. Heck, they even don’t have an Android version yet. You can use their website to upload your receipts though.

Minimum cashout: $20
Payment method: Check

There are other cash back apps out there I’ve tried like and Groupon’s Snap but those two have poorer selection of offerings. Besides, keeping up with a lot of these can be a chore every week so might as well go with the better ones.

Again, temper your expectations. Don’t expect tremendous savings on your grocery spending with these apps but allow these to supplement your other grocery saving methods and you’ll eventually find some extra money you can spend on other things.

For new immigrants who are trying to make every cent count, these apps will be a big help.

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