The Canadian Delivery Express phone scam


I received a call… well a voicemail actually from an unknown number, +232 21638838. The message was from “Canadian Delivery Express” and that my international package has already arrived and I need to call them back with a code “5526” to retrieve it from the collection point.

Well I was expecting a package actually so I returned the call. An automated voice greeted me and started asking me questions.

It asked for my name, last name then first name. I thought it’s to verify that the package is indeed for me. It’s odd though that it didn’t ask me to repeat it even if I was speaking so softly. Then asked for my age. Now that’s suspicious. Why do they have to know my age? Still, I went along but gave a bogus age. Then it asked for my address… that’s when I hanged up. Some people won’t though, thinking they need to verify where the package will be sent.

Went online and did some research. True enough… it’s a scam which has been going on for a few months now targeting Canadians. The number is from Sierra Leone. Canadian Delivery Express doesn’t exist.

I suspect that they don’t ask for your SIN number and birth date to make it look harmless at first. But once they got your name, age, address or whatever, an actual person can call you with those details and ask for more sensitive information. Or they can use those information to start stealing your identity or just sell those harvested information outright.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that’s not drastic you can do at this point once those information is out. You can call them a few times offering different half-true information to muddy the waters. You can probably have your phone number changed. Move to a new place perhaps? Yeah, it sucks so I hope you’ve done your research first before giving them out.

You can read other people’s experience of the scam here or here.

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80 Responses

  1. PaPPaJUDAS says:

    +257 71025209 this is the number I was called from just before I looked them up and found this

  2. kelly says:

    +257 71025209 Canadian delivery express called me at 9pm, leave a code 5526 for pickup package…

  3. Donakaybot says:

    I just got one on my work voicemail from +257 71023555

  4. Not Happy says:

    +2577 1023555 The call from these scammers came in on my cell phone just before 7 am with the same delivery code (5526) as has been reported by others.

  5. Kari Nash says:

    I received a call from them today from 257 71025204

  6. Geoffery says:

    My phone set truncated the first digit to show only 577-102-3555. I first thought “Colombia”. Anyhow, even if it really is from Burundi (+257), 71 might be a fake, because the info I find shows that no numbers in Burundi begin with 71. Burundi does not use area codes, only eight digit numbers.

  7. Francois says:

    Just got the same call too and I wasn’t waiting for a package. So they’re still operating.

  8. Kirk says:

    Thank you very, very, much. I am waiting for a package and just received this call with the same code as you and everything 5526. I only learned it is a scam from you. I actually went on the computer to try find a number for them since in their message they didn’t leave one (stupid mistake on their part). Thankfully when I punched in the name I found this link.

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