The Canadian Delivery Express phone scam

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78 Responses

  1. PaPPaJUDAS says:

    +257 71025209 this is the number I was called from just before I looked them up and found this

  2. kelly says:

    +257 71025209 Canadian delivery express called me at 9pm, leave a code 5526 for pickup package…

  3. Donakaybot says:

    I just got one on my work voicemail from +257 71023555

  4. Not Happy says:

    +2577 1023555 The call from these scammers came in on my cell phone just before 7 am with the same delivery code (5526) as has been reported by others.

  5. Kari Nash says:

    I received a call from them today from 257 71025204

  6. Geoffery says:

    My phone set truncated the first digit to show only 577-102-3555. I first thought “Colombia”. Anyhow, even if it really is from Burundi (+257), 71 might be a fake, because the info I find shows that no numbers in Burundi begin with 71. Burundi does not use area codes, only eight digit numbers.

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