How to know the saved WiFi password on Windows

There may come a time when you forgot the password on your WiFi network but you know it’s saved on your computer. Or maybe you’re at a friend’s house borrowing his computer and at the same want to know their WiFi password so you can use it on your own device.

Here’s how you can do it on Windows 7 and 8 if the Wireless Properties is not disabled.

  1. Open the Network and Sharing Center by right-clicking the WiFi icon on the system tray (lower right portion of your Windows where the clock is).
  2. Then click on the WiFi network you’re connected to to bring up the WiFi Status window.


  3. Click the Wireless Properties button.


  4. Go to the Security tab.
  5. Then click the Show characters check box.


Now some security-minded people (companies perhaps) will disable the ability for you to view the properties of the wireless network. In this case, you have to go to the command prompt.

  1. Invoke the command prompt by running cmd.
  2. Show the list of saved WiFi networks by typing this command:netsh wlan show profileswifipasswordcmd1
  3. Then retrieve the stored password by typing:netsh wlan show profiles name=”[profile name]” key=clear (without the brackets)
  4. The password would be the value of Key Content.

There you go. Saved WiFi passwords.

If you want to know how you can do it on your iPhone or iPad, sadly you can’t unless you connect it to a Mac that can access your device’s Keychain where the passwords are stored. For Android, there are apps on Google Play that will let you do this provided that your phone is rooted.

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