Tech21 Impact Mesh, good-looking baby-friendly iPhone case

Baby-proofing a gadget usually results to a bulky, cartoon-ish look, which does not really bode well for the iPhone’s elegant exterior. However, I found a case that’s good enough to keep your iPhone protected at the hands of your baby while at the same time keeping it slim and sexy.

impact mesh 1

I’ve been using Tech21’s Impact Mesh on my iPhone 5 for quite some time now and so far it has done it’s duty quite well. I’m not afraid of lending my iPhone to Callie to keep her preoccupied while waiting at the airport or our food at a restaurant. Yup, I trust the case in the hands of a baby.

impact mesh 2

At first glance, the Tech21 Impact Mesh looks like your ordinary and simple transparent TPU casing with some patterns at the back.

What makes it special is the thin orange padding lining the insides of the case. This is called the D30, a military-grade compound used in protective wear like bulletproof vests, helmets, gloves, to greatly reduce force from impacts by absorbing and repelling it.

impact mesh 3

It works, I’ve seen Callie bang my iPhone on the table numerous times or throw it on a cement or tiled floor without any damage. It has a raised screen bezel so even if it falls face down the screen won’t touch a flat surface.

Of course it’s not really baby-proof because you can’t protect it if your kid will spill liquid on it or spread gunk on the ports or home buttons. But it’s the best you can do if you don’t want to sacrifice looks yet want a great deal of protection for your phone.

impact mesh 4

I’ve owned and used quite a handful of iPhone cases already but this is the Tech21 Impact Mesh is the only one I kept.

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