Ford Focus Active Park Assist, parallel parking for dummies

One of the challenges most, if not all, newbie drivers have is parallel parking. It’s one of the trickiest thing do if you’re not familiar yet with your car’s size and its turning radius. And its compounded if you’re on a busy street and don’t have much room to maneuver.


There’s a car technology though that can help the most inexperienced driver to parallel park. Ford’s Active Park Assist which I got to try a few weeks ago on their latest Ford Focus Sport. Activating this feature will let you parallel park like a pro and all you need to do is control the speed that you’re going.

Here’s how the Ford Active Park Assist work.


When you’re about to look for a parking space, hit the Active Park Assist button.


Using sensors around the vehicle’s body, your car will look for a space it can parallel park as you drive through the street. It will look for the right side by default but you can use the turn signal if you want it to look on the left side. It will also only try to look for space if you’re going under 20kmh.


Once it finds a spot, you will be given instructions on the dashboard display to move forward.


Then at the right distance, it will ask you to take your hand off the steering wheel and hit reverse. Just control the the speed as it navigates itself to the parking slot accurately.

Here’s a video I took from the inside while the car is doing the auto parallel parking.

I tried it a few times and it worked like a charm as long as you’re parking in-between cars. The technology isn’t that new as I’ve seen it used on an Amazing Race episode a couple of years ago. Still, it’s a pretty cool thing to experience having the car steer itself to a parallel parking.

Thanks for the loaner car Ford.

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