Absolutely free online courses from M.I.T.

Here’s something for those who just can’t seem to stop wanting to learn new things. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology are offering all the materials from their 2150 courses for free.

free MIT courses

Through the MIT OpenCourseWare, all MIT course content are available online for everyone to use. You get access to audio and video lectures, exams, assignments, lecture notes, and online textbooks. And the beauty here is that there’s no need to register.

Courses range from Business, Engineering, Fine Arts, Health and Medicine, Science, Mathematics, Teaching and Education, and even courses from their Special Programs like Kitchen Chemistry, or Culture Tech, or Gender, Sexuality, and Society, or The Mathematics in Toys and Games.

Bear in mind though that all of these can be viewed as resources for some self-paced learning. Finishing a course doesn’t mean you’ll get a diploma or a certificate from MIT so if you’re going to put it on your resume, prepare to explain if you can’t produce any proof.

Now that list of entrepreneurship courses sure look enticing.

Thanks for the tip Li!

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