How to get a DFA-authenticated LTO Certificate in Manila

Before I start, you’re probably wondering what an LTO certificate is for and why would you need one? Well, if you’re planning on obtaining a driver’s license in other countries, this is your proof of how long you’ve been driving.

DFA authenticated LTO certificate

You see, in highly-developed countries, before you can get a full driver’s license (for highways and such), you need to be driving for a certain amount of time to gain experience. Which is just appropriate since you will be driving in high speeds along with other vehicles.

Because driving in Metro Manila is so different from driving in disciplined countries, they don’t allow us to convert our license to their own just like that. We need to take tests again and give them proof that we’re already an experienced driver, hence the LTO certificate.

It’s not a good indicator for driving experience though since you can easily get a driver’s license without actually doing any driving. Oh well.

LTO cert 1

Anyway, here’s how you can get a DFA-authenticated LTO Certificate and it’s surprisingly easy.

There’s the LTO part (15 minutes) and the DFA part (30 minutes) and it costs Php200 for each certificate.

1. Go to LTO Head Office at East Ave. (Yeah, unfortunately LTO satellite offices won’t do). Fortunately, there’s little to no line for this window and they don’t have lunch break. We arrived at around 11:30AM.

LTO cert 2

2. Inside near the chapel, go to Window 10 to get a form you need to fill up. Present a photocopy of your driver’s license and OR, along with the filled-up form so they can verify it.

3. After a few minutes, they will call your name to hand you back your form and license. Go to Window 8 to pay Php100 for the processing fee.

LTO cert 3

4. After a few minutes, your name will be called at Window 11 and you will be handed a stub you need to bring to DFA after 1 week.

LTO cert 4

After one week…

1. Go to DFA Macapagal Gate 2. No need to schedule. I went in the afternoon around 3PM and was done by 3:30PM. Bring a valid ID. If you will be getting somebody else’s certificate, you need a letter of authorization and a copy of their valid ID.

2. The guard will ask you to drop your stub and wait for your name to be called on a certain window.

lto cert 5

3. Once your name is called, go to the window to verify that all information they will be printing on the certificate is correct. You will be handed a receipt for your to pay at the cashier.

LTO cert 6

4. Pay Php100 at the cashier and bring back the OR to the previous window. After a few minutes, your name will be called again and you will be handed your DFA-authenticated LTO certificate.

That’s it. I normally despise dealing with government offices but in this case, everything went fast and smooth unlike other inefficient agencies.

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81 Responses

  1. theresa rivera de guzman says:

    Pag ba kumuha ng certificate for abroad,may driver test pa?

  2. Katherine says:

    Hi ask ko lang..kasi need ng father ko yung driver’s license certification from lto..ok lang ba kung ako ang kumuha pero yung photo copy lng ng license nya ang dala ko.? Thanks :)

    • Abe says:

      Pwede ikaw kumuha. I got one for my wife last week. Xerox of the latest drivers license card and OR (my card was expired as LTO has a backlog for the cards but I used the OR paper along with the card, which was ok), plus be ready with an authorization letter. I brought one but they didn’t ask from me coz I applied din for myself siguro.

      If you don’t have a xerox yet, ok lang meron xerox machine doon.

  3. April says:

    How about po..nasa abroad ung kukuha ng cert..pwede po ba na ikuha siya ng relative niya na nasa pinas ?? Salamat po

  4. Gina says:

    talaga po bng kulang ng isang number sa dulo ung sa D.L.R NO. na nsa official receipt ng license?

  5. Michelle punzalan says:

    Pag po ba kumuha ng abstract makukuha din ba within that day

  6. Michelle punzalan says:

    Pag po ba kumuha ng abstract makukuha din ba within that day?

  7. Jona Mae says:

    magkano po ba yong cert na may red ribbon?


    My son is an OFW based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He was issued his Non-Professional Drivers’ License since 2007, presently he has License with accompanying Official Receipt valid up to September 21, 2018. May I be informed what are other documents I should bring to file request in his behalf for LTO Certificate.

    Thank you very much.

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