Derrick Rose’s fantasy first pick is Kevin Love not James

Did you know that Chicago Bull’s superstar Derrick Rose visited Manila last Saturday? And did you know that this is already his second time to visit the country?


And you probably know already that I wasn’t here last week so how could I write something about this event? Hehehe. I’m a huge fan of Derrick Rose but unfortunately, I couldn’t meet him last week but I gave my media slot to a photog friend (Bryan) instead.

Derrick Rose was here for the adidas D Rose Tour where he attended the adidas Unite All Originals party as the guest of honor and followed it up with exhibition games for the D Rose Tour 3 on 3 grand finals in Araneta last Sunday, Aug 15.


The competition brought together 16 teams made up of high school athletes from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines, where the winning teams were given the honor of playing in front of and being awarded by the superstar himself.

He also had a video game challenge at the SM Mall of Asia where the winner of the tournament had the chance to play him.

Bryan wasn’t able to watch the 3 on 3 but went to a press conference the following day instead.


A couple of interesting tidbits from the press conference. His top NBA fantasy player is Kevin Love, and not James as customary for the past few years in Fantasy league. And asked which actor he wants to portray himself when a movie about him were to be made, he answered Will Smith.

Rose tore his ACL during the 2011-2012 NBA Playoffs and had to skip last season for surgery and rehab. He’s raring to go back this season to lead the Bulls to a championship.

*Thanks Bryan Ong for the shots.

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