The Internship, a funny feel-good Google movie

While watching The Wolverine, I saw a trailer for this Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson comedy called The Internship. I’m a big fan of the duo in Wedding Crashers and now they’re teaming up again for something that the current generation will love.

the internship poster

I was able to catch a press screening of this movie last week and it’s something that I recommend if you can’t decide on what to watch and wants something light and funny. It’s a movie for all but geeks will appreciate the movie and the bits of geek references more.

Billy (Vaughn) and Nick (Wilson) are two outdated traditional salesman who lost their jobs when the company they work for closed down. Not finding any openings for their skill, they tried applying for Google.

The internship screenshot

So two dinosaurs trying to get into one of the biggest tech companies have to go in an internship program and compete with other tech-savvy kids. It’s unfathomable how or if they can pull it off.

Their journey was quite hilarious starting from how they go about their interview up to the tech challenges (including a match of Quidditch) they had to face during the program along with other geek outcasts they had to team up with. While most laughs would come from Billy and Nick, each member of their team also had their moments, especially Yoyo.

the internship google camps

It’s also very interesting to see the inside of the Google campus in Silicon Valley and the culture they have there through this movie. You’ve probably seen the nap-pods, the slides, the free food from the internet and you’ll see them again here.

The movie has some faults too, such as Owen Wilson’s love interest which I think they can do without. Will Ferrell makes an appearance but didn’t offer much laugh at all which is slightly disappointing for his fans. Graham, the antagonist played by Max Minghella, also didn’t present much fight for Billy and Nick.

The underdog against all odds formula of this movie is nothing new but The Internship gives a fresh take that tackles the current state of economy in the US in a funny and sorta geeky movie. Old school meets smart next-gen kids and the ending will make you feel good after laughing for the most part of the near 2-hour movie.

The Internship opens in cinemas tomorrow, August 14, and is produced by 20th Century Fox Film Corp.

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