Otaku Expo 2013 Cosplay Competition Photos

During the rainy August weekend, Otaku Expo happened at SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall. I went on the 2nd day when the cosplay competition took place after the battle of the bands.


The event only occupied one hall so it was a bit cramped inside compared to other events like ToyCon and there were only a few booths selling their wares. There were lots of fans though.

I arrived at around 4PM so I still had a lot of time to kill before the competition starts. Did a round inside the hall to check the booth and went out where a lot of cosplayers not joining the competition are hanging out.


It’s Irelia again from the recent Rampage 2013. Too bad she wasn’t able to join the competition.

[PHOTO GALLERY: Otaku Expo 2013 Cosplayers]

Actually there were a lot of good cosplayers outside just enjoying the festivities. They didn’t even enter the event, just hanged out with other cosplayers and had their photos taken. You gotta love their passion.


These cosplayers didn’t join the competition. Sayang.

Shortly before 5PM I went inside and made my way near the front on the side. A bad position because the speakers on stage were blocking my view and I couldn’t stand up without blocking the view of those behind me.


Eirie as Asmodeus. Good thing I was able to take another photo of her afterwards under better lighting.

Oh and the lighting was too harsh facing that side too so not a lot of good shots came from that position.

There were I think 67 cosplayers who joined. Some I’ve seen during ToyCon 2013 while some came from Rampage 2013.

Here are the notable cosplayers for me who joined the competition at the Otaku Expo 2013.


Killer B from Naruto Shippuden


Mikasa Ackerman from SnK. This girl received a lot of cheers.


Warrior character from AIKA Online.


Rylai Crystal Maiden from DOTA. Parang si Sarah G. yung nagcocosplay. =P


Girl 13 and Klilyn of Dragon Ball! Ang cute ni Klilyn, youngest cosplayer who joined at 1 year old.


Nightmare from Soulcalibur. She was also at the Toycon 2013 Hero Face-off  with the character below.


Ashley Misaki as Garo

Anybody know who won? I wasn’t able to stay long after the competition to find out. Went outside to shoot some more then grab dinner and went home. Good thing because flood was starting to rise at that time.


  • 3rd Place – Bolen Lareza as Nightmare (above)
  • 2nd Place – Mark Anthony Vivas (is he the AIKA Warrior above?)
  • 1st Place – Ashley Misaki (above)
  • Special Prize (Female) – Jasmin Belza as Rylai (woohoo)

Anyway, if you want to see the rest of the cosplay photos, please visit the album on my Facebook Page.

Thank you for all the cosplayers who were game to pose for the camera. Thanks also to the event organizer who supplied me with my guest pass.

[Otaku Expo 2013 Day 3 – Cosplay Competition Photos]

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