Oakley, you’re paying for the glasses not the brand

Oakley has been one of the top brands for a very long time when it comes to sunglasses. But unlike other brands, you’re not paying for the name but for the glasses and the superior technology used. I’m proud to say that the first sunglasses I bought with my own money was an Oakley.

Oakley SM Aura

I went to this mini-event hosted by Oakley in their first concept store that’s located at SM Aura and it was an eye-opener. I learned how glasses by Oakley are far superior than others if you’re after optical clarity, visual fidelity, and impact resistance. Big words I know.

All of these are features of their HDO lenses or High Definition Optics which is present in all of their glasses since the start. From lifestyle to sports to military-spec glasses, all have HDO lenses.

Oakley Pit Boss II

The most expensive Oakley glasses in the store, the Pit Boss II. I believe this retails for Php38,990.

Did you know that because lenses are curved, Standard Definition Optics bend light and this will prompt your brain to process where things should be? Using such glasses for a long time will fatigue your brain. However with Oakley’s HDO, object placement is seen as if you’re using your naked eye.

Standard Definition Optics can also distort an image, magnify and skew it to the side, and also dull your visual clarity. It’s like looking at somebody else’s prescription glasses. With HDO though, you get accurate vision and the best possible clarity, and not the eyestrain.

Oakley Plaintiff

They have aviators too, the stylish Oakley Plaintiff.

There’s a test for visual fidelity and optical clarity that you Oakley did comparing it with other brands such as adidas, Nike, Rudy Project, etc. You can take a look at that here.

Now if you’re concerned about impact protection, Oakley’s HDO lens are exceeds ANSI Z87.1 impact tests which are the gold standard for measuring safety. These lenses will protect your eye from both high mass and high velocity impacts which will be useful for sports like cycling.

Check out the impact tests comparing different Oakley glasses against other brands.

Oakley Women

Wide range of lifestyle glasses for women.

Aside from HDO, Oakley lenses they trademark as Plutonite also protects your eyes from all UV. That’s 100% protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC, as well as blue light rays also known as High Energy Visible (HEV) wavelengths.

There are other lens and frame technology that vary from different Oakley glasses but one thing’s for sure, Oakley is serious when it comes to their glasses. They’re the widely-used glasses across different sports and even the US military solely use Oakley glasses.

Oakley Sport and Active

Oakley glasses for active and sports. The Oakley Radarlock is on the right edge.

In line with this, Oakley Philippines is introducing their Radarlock Path which is the best performance sunglasses today. It has the Switchlock Technology that makes lens changing fast and hassle-free, allowing athletes to take advantage of Oakley’s wide array of performance lenses.

It also has a lightweight yet insanely durable frame is made of O Matter and shaped with surge ports to maintain a cooling flow of air. Interchangeable nose pads let you achieve a comfortable, customizable fit, and the earsocks are made of the same sport-optimized Unobtainium to increase grip when you sweat.

Oakley Cipher 2

The Oakley Cipher 2 golf shoes has a nanospike cleatless outsole so your feet are closer to the ground.

Check out the Oakley stores at SM Aura and Greenbelt 5 to see Oakley’s wide array of sports and lifestyle glasses you can choose from. They also have apparels, bags, and accessories for the active lifestyle.

Yes, Oakley glasses can be expensive but if you’re willing to spend on glasses, why not spend on the glasses itself and not the brand right?

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