5 things I want to apply Rust-Oleum NeverWet on

You’ve probably seen the NeverWet demo video making rounds on Facebook. It’s really a cool, almost-magical product that lets you waterproof just about any surface you can think of.

If you haven’t seen the video, prepare to be flabbergasted:

That’s sorcery right? Hehe not quite. It has something to do with manipulating the contact angles of water. The higher the angle is, the less surface friction there is so that water will just bead off.

You’ve probably heard of hydrophilic coating if you’ve own a car. Sometimes when you have it waxed, you will be asked if you want to have hydrophilic coating (90 degrees) applied to it so that it’s easier to clean next time around. Then there’s hydrophobic (95 degrees) which is how teflon pans are able repel liquid. Finally, there’s superhydrophobic (160-175 degrees) which is what you’ll get when you apply NeverWet on a surface.

Never Wet

This product is already being sold at the Home Depot for just $20 and I really want to try it out just to see how effective it is. Here are 5 things I want to test NeverWet on:

  1. My car. NeverWet repels water not dirt, dust or grime. However, according to their site, even if your car gets dirty, you can simply hose it down with water to remove the dirt. No need to soap or to wipe it with dry cloth. It would be real nice if you can apply it to your windshield but they say the chemical will frost the glass.
  2. White sneakers. With the rainy season we’re having now, it’s nice if you can still wear your white sneakers without having to worry about it getting dirty from stepping on a muddy floor.
  3. Umbrella and other rain gear. How about an umbrella that doesn’t get wet? No need to dry it off outside your home after using it in the rain right?
  4. Driveway during winter. Not really applicable here but come to think of it, if you can apply this to your driveway during winter, you don’t have to worry about shoveling snow off it since ice won’t form on a dry driveway.
  5. Myself. Hahaha. Picture this, you apply NeverWet to yourself (not really sure if it’s advisable or if it will actually work) before going swimming. Once you get out of the pool, there’s no need to towel off since you’re instantly dry. :P

It’s an amazing product which you can make a killing off if you can expertly apply it to any gadgets. Now what else can we NeverWet?

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