ToyCon 2013 Day 3 – Hero Faceoff

Sunday on ToyCon 2013 was a bit relaxed. Not as many people as Saturday but still packed with cosplayers milling outside the exhibit hall.

hero face off

The event of the day is the Hero Faceoff sponsored by Hero TV and hosted by a dude from Hero and Myrtle Gail, the cosplayer cutie from Iloilo. “Ayannnn.” :P


The Hero Faceoff is divided into three categories – kids, group, and individual. The winner of the individual portion will represent the country in the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan.

I posted all my day 3 photos in our Facebook Page including all cosplayers in the Hero Faceoff. I’ll just post the best ones here.

For the kids squad, there were a lot of awesome cosplayers and cute ones too. Here are my top three for this category:

toycon 2013 day 3 01 Not only is this costume badass but this kid knows how to project too!

toycon 2013 day 3 02This mecha costume has a lot of tricks to put Iron Man/War Machine cosplayers out there to shame.

nightmare If there’s a chibi Nightmare from Soul Calibur, this should be it. Hehehe.

batmanSpecial mention to this kid. Isn’t he adorable as Batman?

Next up is the League of Heroes or the group cosplay.

Star wars These Eastern-inspired Star Wars baddies are dancing to Psy’s Gentleman.

toycon 2013 day 3 03Don’t know who these guys are supposed to be but they did a passable fight sequence based on the anime they’re doing.

marvel Last are these Marvel superheroes duking it out in a comedic fight scene.

The individual category is the most-anticipated one. Aside from showing off their costume and some moves, these cosplayers also have to impress the judges in a question and answer portion.

Two cosplayers that stood out for me in both costume and in the Q&A.

freya Norse goddess Freya

Haseo Beast FormHaseo Beast Form from dot hack. Actually, there were two of these who entered the competition but this kid from Davao has the best implementation. Despite the intricate costume, he was still able to move very well on it. The first one, done by a girl, was too stiff for a beast costume.

I don’t know who won because I left after all cosplayers were presented. Anyway, if you want to check out all of my photos for Day 3, please visit my Facebook Page.

[ToyCon 2013 Day 3 – Hero Faceoff Photos]

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