BPI Express Mobile App, how convenient you are

If you’re like me, well ok like Tia, who does most of our BPI banking and bills payment online, then you’ll love the freshly revamped mobile app from BPI.


The BPI mobile app has been around since 2009 but recently, they optimized it for use on iOS and Android. They also removed the restriction where your online account is tied to one mobile number. With the new app, you can log on to the app even with your non-phone device like tablets or iPod touch.

So what can you do with the mobile app? Well first and foremost, the app is designed with convenience in mind so every thing is straightforward. User experience is made for the touchscreen so it’s easy to navigate on it.

With this mobile app, you can transfer funds to your different BPI accounts. Which we do a lot. You can also transfer funds to a person’s BPI account not enrolled on your account (an authentication is required here). How convenient is that?

You can also pay all bills enrolled to your account with this app so you don’t have to go to the website on your tiny mobile browser any more. Really nice!


Not really something that we do but you can also manage your investment portfolio here. You can do subscription and redemption even while you’re stuck in traffic so you don’t have to punch yourself if you miss the cutoff.

You can also send prepaid load to Globe and TM numbers straight from this app. No word yet when or if they’re planning to make this feature available to Smart subs. Hehehe.


Finally, ever wondered if there’s an ATM near where you are currently standing? This app has a location-aware BPI ATM locator so you’ll know if there’s an ATM nearby. Now if only it can also say whether the ATM is online or offline so you don’t have to bother.

As a heavy BPI online banker, the new BPI Express Mobile App is a real convenience! Now go download it from the App Store or Google Play. This app also has a version optimized for the iPad by the way. Cool!

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