adidas KOTR 2013 singlet and medal design

Have you registered yet for this year’s adidas King Of The Road happening on July 7? They just released the designs for the medal and singlet. Check out this cool-looking medal which will be given to all finishers.


Looks nice huh? But the main reason why I join the adidas KOTR every year is because of their cool-looking quality singlets. In fact, I still wear the singlet I got from my first-ever KOTR back in 2009 a lot.

Here’s what adidas KOTR 2013 has in store for us which you can also check out in adidas stores.


There are only two distance for this year’s KOTR, a 10km and a 16.8km. For the 10km however, there’s a relay race for college student pairs.

Race fees are as follows:

  • 16.8k – Php1,300
  • 10k (regular) – Php1,100
  • 10k (relay) – Php800

Discounts are also offered for group registrations:

  • Group of 10-14 = Php100 off each
  • Group of 15-19 = Php150 off each
  • Group of 20+ = Php200 off each

Registration ends on June 23, 2013 so get to it. See you!

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  1. Eize says:

    I have a registration form from Adidas MoA, and I’m still thinking about it. I need to get back into running mode…

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