Musubo HyperGrip iPhone 5 Case Review

Trying out a new case again for my iPhone 5. This time it’s from Musubo, known for their designs inspired by the Tokyo Street Fashion, or futuristic as I would see it.


What I have here is the Musubo HyperGrip. I think for me this is the most simple (or safe) looking design in their catalog. This case is not slim and will surely add a little bulk to your sexy iPhone 5.


The HyperGrip is made of durable soft-touch silicon to protect your iPhone 5. To make sure that the case stays in place, there’s a polycarbonate reinforcement band (the neon green one) that clips to the side of your device. This is to add a striking color contrast to the case as well.


The silicon rubber has creases for the “hyper grip” with tiny dots which reminded me of the rubber handle on the tennis racket. Because of the matte rubber texture, you can’t keep this case clean all the time as dust tend to get stuck on the creases.


All buttons except for the Home are covered with open holes for the Mute switch, speakers, Lightning port, and camera.

Musubo-HyperGrip-7Included in the package is this foldable viewing stand which you probably will forget about (or lose) but it’s a nifty little contraption where you can prop your iPhone while watching video or doing Facetime.


Nothing special to write here. It’s a pretty ordinary rubber casing with an extraordinary yet functional design and awesome colors. Just don’t get the black/neon green design with your white iPhone 5. They have other loud colors for you too choose from though. The red/black goes well with the black iPhone. [Musubo HyperGrip site]


The Musubo HyperGrip retails for Php950 (one of those free cases under 1k) and is available in Beyond The Box, Digital Hub, and Digital Walker.

Musubo cases is being distributed by Digits Trading. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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