How can something so Wrong Ramen taste so right

Ever since I came back from Singapore, and having eaten at their famous Tonkotsu King ramen bar, I’ve been hunting for awesome ramen bars here in Manila. I tried Ukkokei before and it was just good, not mind-blowing for me. Ramen at Nihonbashitei was also good for its relatively affordable price.

Wrong Ramen, Burgos Circle

Made a new blogger friend last month who suggested the newly-opened Wrong Ramen in Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio. It’s along Bugsy’s and if you’ve been to that area, parking’s tough especially during lunch on a weekday which is what Tia and I did for our Valentine’s date.

Wrong Ramen

Wrong Ramen is a 22-seater 2-level ramen bar with a funny and minimalist interior. They have tables for groups as well as bar stools by the window for solo goers.

Wrong Ramen

Check out this Scrabble wall display. They also have a lot of funny posters that I wasn’t able to take a photo of.

Wrong Ramen 04

Cool-looking transparent plate and the matching chopsticks which I find hard to use because it’s slippery. I just prefer the regular light, wooden chopsticks.

Wrong Ramen shakers

I was tempted to take these battery Salt and Pepper shakers home. Hehehe. Cool right?

Wrong Ramen menu

The courteous and attentive staff handed us a clipboard with a print out of their menu. They were still on soft opening at that time so there’s no actual menu with photos yet.

They only serve Tonkotsu Ramen (pork broth) in different styles so don’t go looking for your Shio’s and Shoyu’s here. Tonkotsu is what I was after for since for me it’s the bang-for-the-buck ramen with its fat-infested broth. Hehehe. Their tonkotsu is Japanese-inspired but with local ingredients.

Wrong Ramen menu

They have 6 kinds of tonkotsu ramen, with funny names as well. There’s the Communist Ramen (P370), F.U. Ramen (P395 – spam, bacon, egg), and Sea Men Ramen (P345 – seafood, duh). For first-timers, the safest would be Wrong Ramen Tonkotsu that comes in either light (P295) or rich flavor (P380). Light only has shredded chashu (pork) while the rich has your typical sliced chashu. They also have their own Wrong Ramen Tantanmen (P395).

Wrong Ramen side dish

Aside from ramen, they also have a couple of stir-fried noodles (Tsukemen). As for side dishes, they only have a few – Bacon Katsu, Enoki Mushroom Fries, and Chashu Rice Rolls.

Chashu rolls

We ordered the Chashu Rice Rolls (P180) which are shredded chashu rolls in Vietnamese rice wrappers. Never though I would like something like it but it’s actually good especially the sauce that came with it.

Wrong Ramen Tonkotsu

We ordered the rich Wrong Ramen Tonkotsu (P370) because it’s close to how tonkotsu ramen is done in Japan (I think). It’s not as milky as the ones in Tonkotsu King but still flavorful. Too flavorful that if you’re not fond of a fatty ramen broth, go with the light version or else you might not be able to finish the soup.

Wrong Ramen Tonkotsu

How was it? Really good! The noodles were done just right. The chashu was tender but not the melt-in-your-mouth type of pork. Still good though. I haven’t tried other tonkotsu ramen in Manila yet but Wrong Ramen is close to what I’ve tasted in Singapore. It’s a bit pricey though but that’s how good authentic ramen are typically priced.

Wrong Ramen free yogurt shots

I wish they would come up with desserts to counter the flavorful after-taste you will get after downing a bowl of their ramen. They did serve a couple of free yogurt shots after our meal.

I would definitely recommend Wrong Ramen as a ramen bar especially if you’re craving for tonkotsu ramen. Just be mindful of other patrons waiting outside so don’t stay too long when you’re done. Besides, authentic ramen bars are the eat-and-run type.

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    The name of the place is cool.. hahaha! My friend love ramen.. i will recommend this place to her, Thanks for sharing. :)

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