Gone gaga over Yellow Cab’s Galapeño Tango

Here’s a fact that you probably don’t know – Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is a homegrown pizza joint. You might think it’s a franchise from a New York pizza parlor but it’s not, it’s all local.


Anyhoo, over the weekend, we were invited by Yellow Cab to try out their latest creation, the Galapeño Tango. And no, it’s not a new pizza flavor. Yellow Cab doesn’t only serve good pizzas, they also have some awesome-tasting pastas plus other side dishes as well.

One of which is their hot wings which I’m not a fan of since it’s too spicy for me. One time while dining at Yellow Cab, we did not feel like eating pizza so we went with their wings instead. I asked them to separate the spicy sauce from the wings but it didn’t turn out too well. The wings were just too bland without the sauce.

Enter the Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings which is the first half of the Galapeño Tango. You’ll get full-sized deep fried chicken wings coated with special garlic butter sauce and sprinkled with parmesan cheese and dried basil.


Mmm mmm mmm. No sauce needed for this one and perfect for non-spicy eaters like me. Love how the garlic sauce coating was evenly distributed onto the just-right crispy skin.

I’m not a stranger to garlic parmesan wings. I tried them at various chicken wings joint in the metro but by far Yellow Cab was the best-tasting one for me. Maybe it’s because of the full-sized wings they use that the flavor didn’t overwhelm the juicy chicken taste. i just don’t like tasting garlic parmesan in and out of the chicken because it’s leaves an unpleasant buttery and garlicky aftertaste. Yellow Cab’s is garlic parmesan wings done right!

To somehow temper the garlicky taste of their new wings, Yellow Cab also introduced the new Jalapeño Potato Wedges, the second half of the Galapeño Tango. These are small potato wedges with a zest of Jalapeño flavor served with Bleu Cheese dip.


If you tried YC’s Baked Potato Wedges, they’re big and bland and really require the garlic ranch dip to enjoy. The Jalapeño Potato Wedges are smaller so you’ll get that spicy and zesty flavor on each bite. This one can really kick your buds and you need the bleu cheese dip to counter the spiciness of the jalapeño.

It’s a pretty nice combo to snack on to with a glass of Coke to refresh your mouth. I would prefer the wings with rice though but Yellow Cab don’t and won’t serve rice. Hehehe. Maybe I’ll try having some delivered.


Galapeño Tango comes in a package of 4 (P345), 6 (P480), and 12 (P880) wings and a hefty side of wedges.

You can also get them separately. The Garlic Parmesan Chicken wings is also available in 4 (P255), 6 (P370), and 12 (P730) bundles. While a serving of Jalapeño Potato Wedges costs P165.


Then there’s also the Galapeño Fleet for big groups. Take for example the Fleet A above which is good for 4 or even 6 people. You’ll get a 14” pizza of your choice, 2 pastas of your choice, a 4-piece Galapeño Tango, and a pitcher of Coke for Php1,400. Fleet B is for a bigger group (12 persons) and costs P2,800.

And no, Tia and I weren’t able to finish our Galapeño Tango Fleet A. We had to bring most of it home and eat them at a later time (and share some to the security guards, hehehe).

The winner here would be the new Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings and if you’re a fan of wings, you definitely have to try these. Now if only Tia can duplicate the taste. Hmmmm. >:)

Oh yeah, this new product is on a limited run until April 30, 2013. I hope it becomes a staple though to give non-spicy lovers an option for their chicken wings.

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  1. RoSe says:

    Been a while since I last ate at Yellow Cab. Might give them a visit soon just to try their Garlic Parmesan chicken wings. :) Like you, I can’t stand spicy sauces either so this dish is just perfect. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Katre says:

    Hi Calvin,

    Thanks again for coming and for the super fast and nice write up :)

    See you around. Regards to Tia. :)


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