Braven 570 wireless speaker review, not your ordinary speaker

Got this seemingly ordinary-looking speaker for review today called the Braven 570. After reading through its box though, I found out it’s more than your typical portable Bluetooth speaker.


Yes it looks pretty ordinary with its rectangular box shape with a matte white finish and speaker grills on both sides. There’s nothing fancy with its look at all. Nothing. It looks boring. Don’t let its look fool you though. Read on.

The Braven 570 is more than just a Bluetooth wireless speaker. It can act as a speakerphone for audio or video calls. It can daisy-chain itself with other speakers for a more surround sound. And it also acts as a portable battery pack to charge your mobile phones in a pinch. Impressive huh?

Let me walk you through the ports and buttons. It’s not that complicated.


On one end you’ll find the Power switch. Beside it is the Call button to answer calls using its built-in noise-cancelling microphone. This button also acts as the Bluetooth pairing button. There’s also the volume control buttons. There’s the microUSB port to charge the Braven 570 using the included microUSB to USB cable. Lastly, the Audio In port if you don’t want to go wireless. Don’t worry, there’s an audio cable included.


On the other end is the battery LED indicator which you can check using the Battery button. A white light means 50% to 100% charge, blue is 10% to 50%, and red means you have to charge it as soon as you can. The Audio Out button is used to link other speakers with it. Then the USB port is used to charge your mobile devices (cannot power tablets though).


Pairing via Bluetooth is quick and easy. Just press the button for a few seconds until the speaker vibrates, look for it on your Bluetooth-enabled music player and connect.


Sound quality is very much acceptable for its kind. It gives good, solid and booming sound with a bit emphasis on the bass. It doesn’t drown the treble though and can still give clear audio even at loud volumes. It’s quite loud to reach an adjacent room too.

Battery on the Braven 570 can go up to 10 hours especially when you’re using a wired connection. Standby time is quite long without having to turn it off. The 1200mAh can also be used to charge your mobile phones. It’s not much but it’s a decent last resort option if your own portable battery pack ran out of juice. The flexibility is really nice.


The Braven 570 is truly a unique portable wireless speaker offering. It delivers really good sound quality and its range of features are not something you often find in a single piece of speaker. Its ability to charge phones makes it an obvious choice to bring when you travel.

This speaker comes at a slightly hefty price of Php4,450 and is available in Beyond The Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Astrovision, Astroplus, iCenter Cebu, and PowerHub Cebu.

The Braven 570 and other Braven products are being distributed by Digits Trading. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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