Speck CandyShell Flip for iPhone 5 Review

When looking for iPhone 5 cases, I want mine to be as minimalistic as possible offering the adequate protection from everyday scuffs without hiding the phone’s beauty.

Speck CandyShell Flip 1

What we have here is Speck’s CandyShell Flip iPhone 5 case which is not their thinnest cases but still blends well with my iPhone’s design. And the Flip portion of the case proves to be useful if you have plenty of accessories.

Speck CandyShell Flip 2

You will only get the two-tone case from the package. There’s no screen protector here unlike other cases. This case has an inner layer made of soft, shock-absorbent rubber which will add bulk to your handset but somehow protects it from shock during drops.

Speck CandyShell Flip 3

The outer layer is made of hard glossy plastic with the rubber extending to the front lip, corners, and the buttons. The ports and mute switch are exposed.

Speck CandyShell Flip 4

What makes this case unique is the lower half of the case which you can flip open to expose the bottom of your phone even more so you don’t have to remove your case when you want to dock your iPhone or use plugs with bulky bodies. This feature will not save you from removing the case if your dock has tall backs though.

Speck CandyShell Flip 5

What I like here is the color as it blends well with my white iPhone 5. It somehow enhanced the design despite adding bulk to it. What I don’t like is the hard glossy plastic back which is not immune to scratches from everyday use.

Speck CandyShell Flip 6

The Speck CandyShell Flip for iPhone 5 retails for just Php1,200 and can be bought at the following Apple Resellers: Power Mac Center, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, iStudio, Switch, iStore, iCenter, Mobile 1, iGig, The A Shop, and SencoLink.

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  1. Jesson says:

    mura lang, maganda at astig ung may sun and three stars… pinoy iPhone na labas nun…

  2. Cher Cabula says:

    Hi Calvin! Was this on your phone when we were at Tagaytay? :)

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