Asilo Tagaytay, your personal space away from the city

What’s the first place that comes into mind when you want to get away from the stress in the city? Somewhere peaceful, somewhere near, somewhere cool, somewhere scenic, and somewhere really relaxing.

Taal Volcano

For me and Tia, it has to be Tagaytay. The perfect spur-of-the-moment getaway that’s just outside the metro. It also helps that there are plenty of food choices available in the area that it’s also a nice place if you want to indulge on good food.

If ever I’m going for a second home away from home, getting a vacation home in Tagaytay is on top of my list. Last weekend I was able to check out what Avida Land has to offer in Tagaytay which is their Asilo Tagaytay, a mixed-use residential development for those looking for a second home or a condominium in Tagaytay.

Asilo Tagaytay

What’s nice in being managed by Ayala is that they value the atmosphere their housing convey and match it with the location. For Asilo Tagaytay, they avoided going high-rise and units densely cramped in a single floor.

Units in Asilo Tagaytay have free-flowing air and makes good use of natural light. Some even have spacious balconies to let you enjoy the air more.

Asilo 3

Asilo Tagaytay is comprised of two towers and a low-rise building in the middle. In Tower 1, there are only 10 residential floors with fewer units per floor so there’s less time waiting for the elevator. The low-rise building has 3 residential floors.

I’ve seen the designs for the façade and the design reminds me of old Tagaytay – rustic yet contemporary. Structures are designed to blend harmoniously with the natural landscape.

Asilo 2

Just like other Avida land units, there are two studio types (22 sqm and 30 sqm), a 1BR (40 sqm) and a 2BR (60 sqm) unit. But for the low-rise building, the units are much bigger – 50 sqm for the 1BR and 80 sqm for the 2BR. Price ranges from 2M to 7.5M with an expected 2015 completion.

Asilo 1

It is located just near the rotonda (turn right) going to Tagaytay near the Our Lady of Lourdes Church just outside a subdivision. Entrance is via a service road.

We went to the site where Asilo Tagaytay is to be built and we were told that aside from the residential units, an open Ayala mall is to be built across it so talk about convenience but features local merchandises to support the local community. It’s also going to be an al fresco type of mall similar to Alabang Town Center so it will match the breezy Tagaytay experience.

The Cliffhouse

Afterwards, we also went to try some of the best food in Tagaytay. We went to Breakfast at Antonio’s, a classy place offering sumptuous all-day breakfast meals. We also went to The Cliffhouse a bed and breakfast place that expanded into a collection of cozy restaurants with an awesome view of Taal Volcano.

puzzle mansion

Oh and have you ever heard of the Puzzle Mansion? It’s a Guinness Book World of Records title holder for the most number of jigsaw puzzles in one place. It’s actually a big house with a huge room converted into a museum filled with all sorts of jigsaw puzzles including an impressive 30,000-piece puzzle. And it’s in Tagaytay! First time I heard of it and visited the place. Amazing! Hehehe.

Anyway, going back to Asilo Tagaytay, I think it would be a perfect investment for somebody looking for a place to retire away from the busy metro without sacrificing its amenities and convenience.

If you’re interested, you might also want to visit their site at for more information. You may also contact Avida thru (+632) 848-5200.

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