Speck FitFolio Case for iPad 2 after more than a year

How long does one of those P1.5k to P2k iPad case lasts? Well for our iPad 2’s case, the Speck FitFolio, it only lasted for just over a year. Here’s what it looked like before when we got it back in August 2011.

We absolutely loved it. The color, the compact profile, and the the price was just right for our taste. However, it didn’t last as long as we expected it. We don’t bring it out too often (only when traveling) and we’re the only ones who use it (no kids).

We don’t know where the abuse came from but here’s what it looks like now. Actually, it had deteriorated into this since November. First to give out was the bungee cord to lock the cover so I had to cut it off.

Speck FitFolio 1

Then the faux leather on the outside wore out after a lot of creases from opening/closing and eventually peeled off.

Speck FitFolio 2

The soft matte interior also thinned out along the fold. See below.

Speck FitFolio 3

The corners also got skinned after protecting our iPad from bumps.

Speck FitFolio 4

I’m not sure if Php1,650 for just over a year is a good investment but there’s nothing we can do about it anymore.

Speck FitFolio 5

Our iPad 2 case is now ugly but it did serve its purpose keeping our iPad in very good condition. However, I don’t think it’s something we want to bring outside anymore so it’s time to look for a replacement. I hope we can look for something like it but more durable.

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