Inboosta Travel Booster Portable Battery Pack Review

These days, in the world where it’s normal to stay connected at all times, you’ll often find yourself looking for a power source to charge your gadget. I’m using the iPhone 5 with 3G always on and it’s easy for me to drain its battery within a day. Then there are also the portable power pack to help your gadget get through the day and it’s becoming an essential part of a gadgeteer’s arsenal.


What we have here is the Inboosta IB4400R which packs a whopping 4400mAh battery inside it, that’s a lot I tell you. The iPhone 5 has a 1440mAh battery so this means the Inboosta IB4400R can recharge it three times (well theoretically that is)!

One thing you don’t want on a portable charger is a low battery capacity. Sure lower capacity portable battery packs are more compact and lighter, but you don’t want to be charging it a lot of times in order to preserve its charge cycles. So 4400mAh is actually good and this is still light for its capacity.


The IB4400R has the usual things found on a portable battery pack. There are 4 LED indicators to give you an idea how much juice is left on it. Click the button to check the status or to charge a connected device.


On one end is a miniUSB port to charge this power pack. There’s no power adapter so you have to provide your own or charge it through your PC’s or laptop’s USB port.


On the other end is a USB port you’ll use to connect your devices. There are a few different connecting tips already included in the box although feel free to use your own cables.


First the charging time. How long will it take for you to fully charge this 4400mAh battery? The box says 8 hours and I have to agree with it. I stopped counting when I reached 6 hours so 8 hours should be about right.

How long can it charge a device? The box says that to fully offload its charge, it will only take you 4 hours. I was able to charge my iPhone 5 from 8% to 100% in just 2 hours with 3 LED lights still on.


I used up the remaining juice to charge my iPad 2 (6930mAh) from 15% to 50%. Yes, this pack can charge bigger devices such as iPads and other tablets! It’s mainly one of the things why I like this Inboosta.

The Inboosta Travel Booster also has some built-in safety features such as high voltage fuse to prevent dishing out too much current for your device, overheat protection, and automated shutdown for a more efficient charging. Don’t you feel safe charging this one or using it to charge your devices?

Finally, the Inboosta Travel Booster 4400mAh will cost you only Php1,990 which is already low for its high-capacity. You can also have it in higher capacities such as 5200mAh (Php2,490) and 6000mAh (Php2,990) though.

You can get your Inboosta Travel Booster in all Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box outlets.

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6 Responses

  1. Ailenette Ngo says:

    Hi. Would like to ask if your inboosta shuts down when charging apple products even when it’s not full? I thought it was the cable, but when I changed the cable, same thing happened after a few minutes. I’m charging an iPod touch 4th gen. Thank you.

  2. Ailenette Ngo says:

    Yung inboosta nag auto shut off nung nag-sleep yung iPod touch. D na nag charge. Kasi naka auto-lock po sya after 5mins. Ganun din po sa iPhone nyu? Thanks.

  3. Myco says:

    is the led light usually running?or as in gumagapang sya while charging?

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