Got a Canon EOS 5D Mark III package, oh my!

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9 Responses

  1. Claudine says:

    mine na lang luma mo calvs.. :D

  2. zoul1380 says:

    Nice!!! kaingit ka calvs! :)

  3. joeyboy says:

    buti pa mga nikon users, nireregaluhan ni canon :P

  4. rguintoph says:

    Anak ng….fooled me!

  5. i thought it was really a canon EOS 5D..hehehe this would be a nice april fools prank!!

  6. I was like, HUWAAW! Than I saw the last photo. Cool still!

  7. Jesson says:

    Wow!!! sana ako rin may gift kay Canon…

  8. Eirhon says:

    wow, cool. nagulat ako sa last picture eh. haha

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