Decoding MMDA’s EDSA Bus Segregation Scheme

The MMDA EDSA Bus Segregation Scheme starts today, December 18. It’s one of MMDA’s solution to somehow decongest EDSA by limiting crowding in certain areas caused by buses fighting for passengers.


What this scheme ultimately does is to limit buses from crowding certain loading and unloading areas along EDSA that sometimes take up more than 2 lanes. Take a look at the image above to know where these bus stops are.

A big question is, are buses still allowed to load/unload passengers in between these stops? Like in the southbound Ortigas MRT station? Or places between Boni and Shaw? It’s not clear from their press release.

Bus A, Bus B, Bus C

Under this scheme, buses will be segregated into three types. Bus A and B’s can only load/unload at their own stops while Bus C can do it at any stops.

I don’t know how MMDA segregates the bus (by quality of the interior?) but I’m pretty sure Bus C’s will always be crowded. I wonder if they can command a higher price fare as well in the future.

From East Ave. to Magallanes only

This scheme is applicable only from East Ave. to Magallanes. This means you can hail a bus anywhere you please anywhere outside that range. This also means it’s still going to be the same traffic congestion along the Evangelista – EDSA area or the Trinoma area.

Use of underpasses and flyovers

According to MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, southbound buses which are marked “A” are allowed to take the Kamuning-Timog, Santolan, and Ortigas flyovers. Northbound buses which are marked “B” shall be allowed at the Santolan flyover, while those marked “A” can use Ortigas and Timog-Kamuning flyover.

Operational hours?

It’s unclear whether this scheme will be in effect at all times. I don’t think it is or even if it is, bus drivers probably won’t follow it late at night. Besides, won’t it suck when you’ve been waiting for 30 minutes just for the right bus type at 12 midnight?

Hard for commuters?

If you look at it, there are places where it will be hard to go to for commuters. If you’re taking a southbound bus going to Megamall, it’s going to be a very long walk. Southbound buses stop only either at Robinson’s Galleria or Starmall / Shangri-La so if you have to hoof it off a bit to reach Megamall.

I’m quite sure commuters will hate this scheme at first but eventually get used to it. Like what Makati did in Ayala Ave. designating certain loading and unloading areas. It’s a pain at first but eventually people learned how to use the sidewalk and underpasses.

Now will it work? I hope so but what I really wanted to see, or not want to see, are buses swerving out of their lanes and back again. Grrrr.

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