Calvin’s big purchases for 2012

Near the end of every year since 2009, I post my big purchases for the year to see if I was frugal or extravagant with my spending. Last year I think I was frugal only spending for a couple of big items.

This year is about the same as last year… well a little bit more but still within reason. Here are my top purchases for the year.

40-inch Samsung Series 5 LED TV – Php35,000


I jumped into the huge LED TV bandwagon after spending 5 years with my old 27” Samsung Flat CRT and its busted remote, and TV/Video viewing was never the same ever since. Also hooked up with SkyCable HD for good measure. I think this is my smartest purchase of the year and I used the earnings I got the year before from selling excess gadgets to get this one.

Asus Zenbook UX21 – Php40,000

At the time of purchase, this Ultrabook was retailing for about Php48k so I bought one from the US at a cheaper price. What I like about this Ultrabook is its compact form and small charger so it’s an ideal laptop of choice whenever we travel. What I’m not so fond about is its erratic keyboard and touchpad. :( Not a good way to spend 40 grand.

Apple iPad mini – Php15,000

Ahhh my kind of iPad. If you’ve been following my blog, I was set to buying the iPod Touch 5th Gen, but then the mini showed up and I’m glad I waited. Had it bought again from the US because I can’t wait for it to arrive here. You can read about my thoughts on the iPad mini here.

A pair of Rayban aviator glasses – Php5,250

Been with my old Oakley’s for God knows how long and it’s bugging me seeing it on all of my travel photos so it’s time to get a new pair on my birthday. These Rayban aviators costs over Php8k in optical shops but got one from a seller in Sulit for much less (almost the same when bought in the US). Did all the necessary authenticity checks before handing over the money and it’s legit.

Unused airfare tickets to the US – $$$

A huge chunk of our yearly expense went to the purchase of tickets to the US and within the US. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to use them but that’s for another story.

Wow, I think I spent a lot this year more than last year. But I also received a lot of unexpected blessings as well. It’s been a good year for Tia and I, well not in the travel department but we’re cool with that. Thank you Lord for all the blessings!

How was your spending in 2012?

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4 Responses

  1. chyng says:

    yay, pareho tayo ng tv! a series 5 LED samsung. i guess i made a good choice. hihi

  2. mike says:

    sayang ticket sir! anong nangyari?

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