John and Yoko for lunch… at home… via City Delivery

November 1. Lunch. Tia did not feel like cooking. No problem. I told her we got free credits at City Delivery so we can have real good food over. Even better that they were open even on a holiday.

john and yoko city delivery

City Delivery is not your ordinary food delivery service. They can get you food from good restos all over the metro that don’t have any delivery service, even shops like Serenitea and Gelatone. Since we feel like going with not-your-typical Japanese meal, we chose John and Yoko.

I don’t really know how to describe John and Yoko but they serve Japanese food with a twist. Our all-time favorite there is the Chicken Yakitori with Mango thin crust pizza. Weird combination I know but it tastes really good.

So I quickly fired up on my browser to check the John and Yoko menu and their prices. Once I was satisfied with my order, I called them up at 87878 (although you can complete your order online) so I can verify my credit and place my order.

The order placement went smoothly and I was told to expect my food in 45 mins. to 1 hour which is understandable since they also have to coordinate with John and Yoko. My only concern is the state of my food since I’m not sure if these are made to be delivered. We’ll find out.

In less than an hour, the City Delivery guy arrived in our doorsteps.

First up is the California Roll (Php272.50) for Tia. It’s a safe order since you don’t have to keep it warm. Most of the rolls are still intact but a couple got a bit pressed during transport. No big deal as it still looks yummy.

John and yoko california roll

Then our Chicken Teriyaki and Mango Pizza (Php386.25). Unfortunately, the food wasn’t as warm as we hoped to. Not as warm as how real pizza places deliver their pizzas. I think City Delivery needs a pizza bag for such orders.

john and yoko chicken teriyaki pizza

The thin pizza crust was a bit chewy but at least it still tasted good. What we could’ve done is probably heat the slices in the oven although I’m not sure if that’s good for the mango chunks.

Moving on, we also ordered Ebi Teriyaki (Php497.50) which we thought would go well with our pizza without any rice. The food was just a little bit warm but still tastes good. The prawns have that right softness and the teriyaki sauce have that right amount of sweetness to it.

john and yoko ebi teriyaki

As for dessert, we chose a safe-for-delivery slice of their Red Velvet Cake (Php189) and it was divine. The slice was huge and the layers made it more flavorful with every slice. We even managed to make it last until dinner.

john and yoko red velvet cake

Well one thing’s for sure, take-out resto food is very different from dining within the resto itself but City Delivery did a good job with their food delivery, making sure that the order still looks presentable. Although I wish our pizza was a bit warmer. At least we got to enjoy the comforts of our own home and save on gas and parking.

If you want to have a slice of those hard-to-find food without having to leave your place, try City Delivery by visiting their website or dialing 87878. Feel free to like their Facebook Page and/or follow them on Twitter.

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