Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food Review

Last November 2, Tia and I decided to head out somewhere new and affordable for dinner. Our cousin recommended us this hole in the wall Chinese restaurant Eat Fresh somewhere in San Juan. Since it was a holiday, there was no traffic so that’s where we went.

Eat Fresh HK Street Food 01

Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food looks like a “carinderia” from the outside but they have dining tables inside and it’s a popular resto in the area with the amount of customers they had waiting outside. Good thing we arrived early.

The inside of Eat Fresh reminds me of those restaurants in Ongpin. It’s pretty plain with chairs and tables near each other that it’s hard for the waitress to move around. The waitresses look poorly-compensated and with the place usually packed, don’t expect top-notch service. We went ahead to get our own chopsticks and asking for vinegar took a long time.

Eat Fresh HK Street Food 02

Anyway, let’s get on to the food. They serve your traditional Chinese dishes like noodles, congees, rice toppings, dimsum, and a wide array of HK street food on sticks which you can see from the outside. They also have a nice selection of coolers from fruit shakes to fruit juices, to gulamans. They say the white almond shake is something you should try.

What we like here is the reasonable price and the servings which are usually good for two for people who are not heavy eaters. Check out their menu from MunchPunch.

Since Tia don’t eat a lot of rice, we ordered the HK Salted Fish and Taosi Spareribs Claypot Rice (Php150) as our main dish.

Eat Fresh HK Street Food 03

I thought it was a salted fish fried rice which we usually order in Chinese restos but it turned out to be just plain rice with two bits of salted fish. Hehehe. Good thing the spareribs are not too hard and the sauce tasted good. Some of the taosi (black beans) got burned though from the claypot.

We also partnered it with a plate of Salt and Pepper Squid (Php145).

Eat Fresh HK Street Food 04

These are good although a bit spicy for my taste. Still, it just had the right amount of saltiness and spiciness. The squids were cooked just right as well, not tough.

At that time, most of their street food on stick were almost gone. We wanted to try their Special Squidballs but they ran out of it so we just went with Snow Shrimps (Php35) and Big Isaw (Php25). Yeah, they have pork intestines!

Eat Fresh HK Street Food 05

Snow Shrimps are just shrimp balls that are shaped into prawns. The Big Isaw are quite alright, not too chewy but lacks the tastiness I found on those cooked in our streets.

We also ordered Strawberry Shake (Php70) for Tia and White Almond Gulaman (Php28) for me.

Overall, it was a good meal for me. Not that excellent but what can you expect for the price. Tia didn’t like it as she got that MSG-vibes with the food. Hehehe. We spent a little over Php400 and none for parking so it was a good meal.

I guess I can compare the food to Hap Chan but less expensive and with way more choices of food and beverage. Just don’t expect much from their service.

Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food
691 Juan Abad Santos St., San Juan.,Little Baguio, San Juan

Better go there early or late because parking is via side streets so it gets filled easily. Oh and the place really gets packed.

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    Madalas ako dumaan sa area na yan.. maganda pala sya tingnan kapag gabi hehe.. Subukan ko minsan yan..

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