Zalora online shopping fail

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  1. Thank you for posting this topic! To help other readers out there who might have doubts purchasing at Zalora PH, you can check my purchase experience post at and see how it was for me!

  2. Ladee says:

    I also have a bad experience with zalora. They send my item through LBC. When I checked the status of my order, it was out for delivery. Then I waited for the whole day but I havent received any items from LBC. I checked again the status at night, it says that “Incorrect address”. Its really shocking since my details in their site are correct. This is not my first time to order online, but in zalora its the first time, and I havent experienced this kind of issue. I called the LBC the next day then I found out that my address is really incomplete and my contact number is not the one I put in their website. I am really disappointed. How could they shipped an order with double checking the address of the customer? That’s why I wont order in Zalora anymore.

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