Zalora online shopping fail

I’m not writing this to discourage you from shopping at Zalora, one of the largest e-commerce site in the country. I’m just here to share you Zalora’s shortcomings my wife has experienced when she shopped there.

zalora shopping fail

Late August we were awarded with a one-time P3k Zalora gift voucher and I told Tia to use it to do some early Christmas shopping online. She was able to buy a few items without any problems. Thanks Zalora!

After a week, her orders arrived. I don’t know if 1 week is typical since at the site, the items are said to reach your door in 1-2 days. Be wary about this if you have a tight deadline on your orders.

When she got her orders, it was missing one item with a note saying that the item is pending. Hmmm, why wasn’t she informed beforehand that they won’t be able to supply that particular item so she can immediately change it? And aren’t their stocks in-sync with the website?

Item description is Nautical Printed Button Shirt (P1,139), no brand whatsoever and can’t be found on the site already. By the way Zalora, if you’re reading this, it would be nice to have a history of purchases in the user’s account for easy backtracking or reordering.

zalora no order history

So Tia called Zalora (live chat seems to be non-existent) to follow up on the missing item. They told her that it’s a foreign item which still has to be sourced abroad (Malaysia in this case) and will take 1 to 2 weeks to arrive. No sweat since we don’t need the item right away. This was early September.

Weeks passed by, Tia almost forgot about it and she called them again (early mid-October). Upon checking, she was told that the item is already out-of-stock. When asked for explanation, they told her that it something went wrong with Customs so it’s now considered as out of stock.

So what was Tia’s option? They asked if she would like to wait again (probably to place another order abroad) or give her store credits for the item. Tia chose to have them credit it back but until now, two weeks have passed, there’s no word from Zalora. There’s no provision for credits in the her account page so I’m guessing they’ll send her a coupon code for it. But nada so far.

zalora no live chat

Anyway, that’s it. Zalora is a nice conventional online shopping site if things go well but if not, you’ll see their shortcomings. The staff seemed to be still a bit incompetent in explaining things. They’re also poor in doing follow-ups when they’re at fault. Oh and the Live Chat button seems to be for display purposes only.

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  1. Thank you for posting this topic! To help other readers out there who might have doubts purchasing at Zalora PH, you can check my purchase experience post at and see how it was for me!

  2. Ladee says:

    I also have a bad experience with zalora. They send my item through LBC. When I checked the status of my order, it was out for delivery. Then I waited for the whole day but I havent received any items from LBC. I checked again the status at night, it says that “Incorrect address”. Its really shocking since my details in their site are correct. This is not my first time to order online, but in zalora its the first time, and I havent experienced this kind of issue. I called the LBC the next day then I found out that my address is really incomplete and my contact number is not the one I put in their website. I am really disappointed. How could they shipped an order with double checking the address of the customer? That’s why I wont order in Zalora anymore.

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