KFC’s Cheese Top Burger ain’t messy at all

Yesterday, KFC sent their latest and probably “weirdest” creation yet over to our house for me to try out. It’s the Cheese Top Burger, the chicken burger with a slice of cheese on top of the bun instead of inside.

KFC Cheese Top

Prior to receiving this treat, I’ve been seeing KFC’s ad on their Cheese Top Burger over at Facebook. Even the ones with Chiz Escudero sitting on top of the burger. I also saw this being featured over at Jimmy Kimmel Live and made a spoof commercial out of it where customers are getting cheese slobbered all over their hands and face while eating this burger.

The first time I saw the ad, I asked out loud, why would KFC want to put the cheese outside where you’ll be placing your fingers. What’s wrong with having cheese inside the burger?

KFC Cheese Top bun

Turns out that it’s messier to have the cheese inside with the hot patty melting it which will eventually ooze out on the sides. KFC’s solution? Bake the cheese on the bun. Yup it’s not messy at all. If you look at it, it’s like the cheese is glazed over the bun instead of melted so it won’t run off while you’re eating it. This makes the bun cheesier too.

kfc cheese top burger

And what about the inside? There’s a special garlic parmesan dressing on top of the chicken patty. Yup, it’s not chicken breast like their Zinger but just plain chicken patty. Good thing it’s coated with KFC’s Original Recipe so it doesn’t taste like your run-of-the-mill chicken patty. And the garlic parmesan dressing goes well with the cheese bun and chicken patty.

cheese top burger

Don’t expect a serving that will satisfy you in one go though. This is snack-size. You can probably eat it in five bites. The price is not bad at all anyway. For just P50, you can get a Cheese Top Burger plus a regular soda to go with it. I would definitely add this to my choices of P50 and below afternoon (or evening) snacks.

Give it a try and taste for yourself if this is a winning idea from KFC. For me, it’s not as ridiculous as it looks/sounds.

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