Get Belofied without learning Photoshop

Before you think if I’m going to have some enhancements done from Belo, I won’t. This post is written by Tia who attended this Belo event when they asked for representation from Calvin’s Hub. Take it away Tia.

Have you ever wondered how you would look like if you had physical enhancements before undergoing a procedure?

belofied event

We see how celebrities, not just here in the Philippines but also abroad, have transformed their looks through enhancements. But locally, when you hear nose lift, body sculpting, lip augmentation, breast enhancements the firs thing that would come into your mind is Belo.

Last Friday, Calvin was invited to this Belo event but it’s not his thing and he would feel out of place in it, I was the one who attended on his behalf.


The event was hosted by Cristalle Henares, Al Galang and Dr. Vicky Belo. Belo Medical Group launched a new iOS app called “Belofied”. The term “Belofy” is being coined similar to “Beautify”. Belofied allows you to to play “plastic surgeon” with an app, without having to learn Photoshop.

belofied app

First, you have to take your picture and then click “Belofy Me”. Enhancements that can be done are: shrinking, expanding and molding. You can make your face look slimmer, trim your nose or make your eyes look chinky. In a matter of minutes, you can see the new you, or what you would look like if you ever find yourself in a magazine photo shoot.

belofied slimmer

One important thing though. This app is not purposed as if you’re going to the salon and telling the hairdresser that this is the hairstyle that you want to achieve. Dr. Belo emphasized that it is still important to undergo thorough medical consultation before any procedure is done. The app was created solely for entertainment purposes and also to promote medical tourism in the Philippines.

with cristalle

Tia with Cristalle Henares

Having used the app, and being a Photoshop user myself, I’d say that some improvements can be added to this app. Like a magic “eraser” tool (or clone/stamp) to remove those fine lines and blemishes in your skin.

If you want to try it out, Belofied is available in iTunes for free and requires iOS 5 to run.

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  1. Cristina says:

    I like this app as well. I used it on a trip when I only had my iPad and not my laptop and waentd to edit and post some pics to Facebook. It did a nice job of easy photo editing and was very easy to use. I’ve used the same app on my Droid since then and have been pleased with that one as well.

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