PLDT Telpad Review, the tablet telephone

Look at what we have here. It’s our futuristic touchscreen telephone. Nah, it’s the PLDT Telpad, the new “white” one I might say that comes with the rebranded Huawei S7 Slim tablet. This Telpad is now part of our living room replacing our 10-year old plain old PLDT telephone.

The PLDT Telpad is a two-in one device. It’s mainly a handset base that also acts as a dock for a 7-inch Android tablet. If you don’t have a tablet yet, this can be a good start for an average family who are not too picky with their tablets.

Setting up is very easy. Just connect the phone and handset cable into their respective plugs. If you have your DSL modem nearby, you can plug it in the Line port to give your docked tablet internet access. I’d rather connect my modem to my WiFi router instead. Don’t forget to plug the base to a power supply to charge the tablet whenever it’s docked.

Now onto the tablet. It’s a Huawei S7 Slim tablet that’s designed for landscape viewing. It may not have the specs to wow you or pry you away from your iPads but it’s serviceable for a family’s first tablet device. It looks classy though with its white shell.

When docked, you can use the tablet to make your calls although I found out that it’s still easier to use the phone’s physical buttons when dialing. PLDT also customized the UI and added some helpful shortcuts on the tablet. One thing I found useful is the Meralco app which allows me to pay our electricity bills easily.

Since it is portable and always charged, I usually pick up the Telpad every morning during breakfast to check NBA scores, other news, and also my Facebook. I would see dads out there doing the same, making newspapers obsolete.

I would not expect high definition display on this Telpad but it’s still a decent device for watching YouTube or other videos which you can store inside its 8GB storage. There’s also an option to put up to 32GB microSD for additional storage. And the base station acts as a stand and also has a speaker to make the tablet’s volume louder.

A 1GHz processor powers this tablet and it also comes with Android Froyo 2.2. It may not have the latest Android OS for tablets but it can still run a handful of games and apps from the Android Market. Another thing I like about its portability is that I can take it with me to the bathroom so I can continue reading an e-book or play Cut the Rope while I do a No. 2. Hehehe.

With the 2-megapixel front-facing cam, I was able to video-chat via Skype with friends. I figured kids would love to play with this cam as well taking self portraits using fun photo apps from the Android Market.

Overall, the Telpad is a worthy addition to a household that wants a bundled tablet to their phone and DSL connection. The included Huawei S7 Slim tablet is a decent choice for a family’s first tablet considering the price and bundled services PLDT is offering for it.

The PLDT Telpad requires a minimum of 1mbps DSL connection. That would amount to P1,849 a month excluding the P5,500 payment for the unit. Other plans and payment options can be found at

Consequently, for PLDT DSL (including Telpad) subscribers, you can simply add P150 to your monthly bill to get access to the PLDT WiFi Zone which allows you to surf with a DSL connection when you’re within one of about 5,000 WiFi hotzones nationwide.

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  1. Elvin Pastorfide says:

    2 days pa lang yung telpad namin. Pero nung try namin yung skype and fb messenger, ayaw na mag-display ng screen kahit i-dock pa sa telephone unit

  2. Elvin Pastorfide says:

    Nag-try ako ng call sa viber and fb messenger sa tablet tapos ayon nawala na yung display :(

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