What does C and T in a pregnancy test mean?

I’m not sure how many are you are familiar with pregnancy test kits but a common test device has this cryptic C and T on it that tells you’re pregnant or not.

pregnancy kit

Now what’s with the C and T? Why can’t they make it P and N or + and – for positive and negative? Even a 1 and 0 is easily understood… I think.  But no, you have to go through the manual to interpret your results if it’s your first time.

Anyway, C means Control while T means Test. A bar on “C” means you succeeded in doing a test. No bar on “C” means there’s something wrong with the kit on how you administered the test and that you should try again. Now a bar on a “T” means you’re pregnant.

Here’s to further illustrate:


Now why am I writing about this? Well we just found out 2 days ago that Tia’s carrying a baby. Yay! And since personal blogs are really meant to journal important events in one’s life, I guess this is a heads up in case you will be seeing posts about me being a slave to a pregnant wife and being an expectant father. Hehehe.

Rename to Calvin’s Crib? Hahaha.

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34 Responses

  1. Suenora M Connor says:

    Great Job and Congratulations

  2. Amanda Hirtle says:

    Mine had 1 lline and made a t does that mean yes

  3. I have 2 dark purple lines

  4. Nirali Rathod says:

    Mine was 1 line on T side does that mean I’m pregnant..??

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