Scenes from Hot Import Nights 2012 in Manila

Hot Import Nights is an auto show featuring compact and tuner import cars and has been mainly hosted in the US. This is the first time that HIN arrived in Manila at the World Trade Center last weekend (March 24-25) so it received a lot of attendance.

I was invited by PLDT WiFi Zone at the VIP Party last Saturday which also served as the 11th anniversary party of Wave 89.1. There was a bikini fashion show, Mocha Girls concert, lots of hot babes, including UFC round girl Arianny Celeste, car show models Jeri Lee and Nikita Esso. Unfortunately, I had to be with my wife that evening so I decided to go the following day instead.

So if you’re looking for photos of the VIP Party, bikini show, Mocha Girls and import models, I don’t have it here. Just some scenes from Day 2.

Sunday was a bit relaxed and it’s more of a real car show without the side events (at least in the afternoon). I stayed until 4PM hoping to do the meet and greet with the import girls but I guess they were late. Anyway, I get to see a drifting exhibition at the lot at the back which was cool. And of course it’s still a popular car show where you can take pictures of and with the sexy models.

I didn’t stay long at the show. Just made a couple of rounds taking photos while admiring the pimped out cars the Ferraris and the lone Lamborghini Diablo. Took a few shots of the models as well.

First, here are some photos of the tricked cars, souped up engines and cars we don’t usually see on the streets.

You probably came here to see the babes right? Well I got to take a few photos of them. Sorry for the crummy shots, I wasn’t able to charge the batteries on my flash. :P

You gotta admire these girls, it’s very difficult to have a smile on you all the time. Ask any newlyweds out there.

Car shows are really fun even for the whole family and even those who are not really into cars. You get to take photos or have your photos taken with the gorgeous cars or the gorgeous babes. Just make sure you tag along someone so you can be in the photos as well, unlike me. :(

I’m glad I was able to attend the first ever Hot Import Nights in the country. Till next time. Oh if you miss this car show or want to attend your first one, next weekend will be the Manila International Auto Show 2012 also at World Trade Center.

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  1. All pictures are awesome and so beautifully taken.

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