Calvin’s Hub goes to Panagbenga Festival 2012

Am not really a fan of going to festivals because of the hassle of preparation, jockeying with crowds and the jacked up hotel prices. However, when PLDT invited me and wifey to join them for Panagbenga 2012 in Baguio with everything taken care of, I immediately said yes!

panagbenga 2012

Panagbenga means “season of blooming” and is a month-long annual flower festival held in Baguio. The highly-anticipated part is the flower float parade held every fourth Sunday of February and that’s what we witnessed.

We went up to Baguio really early on Saturday along with four cool, stylish fashion bloggers. I didn’t get any sleep that night due to work so I just slept for the most part on that almost 7-hour trip to Baguio.

So why did PLDT asked us to witness Panagbenga?


At Zola Cafe in Session Road with some of the country's stylish fashion bloggers. Felt out of place being the only guy. Hahaha.

Well they want us to try the PLDT WiFi zone. They did this last month in Cebu during tje Sinulog festival. It’s like having PLDT’s DSL connection outside your home. They made parts of Baguio PLDT WiFi Zones: the whole stretch of Session Road, Mines View Park, Burnham Park, and Camp John Hay where the one I discovered.

pldt wifi zone

We just need to login with a PIN they gave us to start using it on our WiFi devices. This allowed us to tweet, FB, 4Square in most of the places we went during our stay in Baguio.

Early Sunday morning, we went to Session Road to get to the PLDT office where we we can view the parade. Lots of people already on the sidewalk and I was glad we will be viewing things from the roof deck of the PLDT building.

At 8AM, the parade started rolling. There were street dancers, marching bands and the festive and multi-colored flower floats themselves. Here are some photos of Panagbenga 2012 as seen from a roof deck.

The big three TV networks were represented but ABS-CBN was the liveliest and got the crowd pumped up thanks to Kuya Kim, Vice Ganda, Jhong, and Ryan on their Showtime float.

showtime panagbenga

The grandest float would be Casino Femme (rubbing alcohol) which is like a fairytale garden complete with fountains, fairies and an oversized dragonfly.

casino femme

Overall, it was a delightful experience seeing colorful floats, people cheering as they pass by and the lively, electric atmosphere despite Moves Like Jagger being played or danced to about a hundred times. Hahaha.

What I didn’t enjoy was the major traffic, the pollution, and the heat of the sun. I hope the Baguio of now can be remedied to be brought back to a semblance of its former self.

fashion bloggers

Glad to have made some new friends though. See you around Aisa, Ana, Ava and Tracy!

Cheers to PLDT for the successful implementation of PLDT WiFi Zone in Baguio. If you’re from Baguio, I think they’re giving away a month-free use of their WiFi Zone. Head to the PLDT office (near SM) and inquire about it.

Hope PLDT WiFi Zone goes to the Moriones Festival next and hopefully, I’ll get invited again. :P

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9 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    Wow, nice one. Sana one day maka-attend din ako ng ganitong mga events! Galing ah. :D

    • Calvin says:

      thanks Robert. yup ok rin mga festivals if you can handle the crowd and the preparation. try mo muna yung malalapit lang or pwede rin magjoin sa mga festival tours.

  2. Ang tagal na rin ng last na Panagbenga Festival ko. 2001 pa ata hehe

  3. Robbie says:

    Andyan ka din pala nun! So ikaw ang naging daddy ng mga fashion bloggers. Hahaha.

  4. judy says:

    i miss baguio of the early 80’s till mid…that was home to me…

  5. jomer says:

    Pwede po magtanong?.. sunod sunod na po a yung mga pictures?

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