The Amazing Race Philippines on 2012 speculations

Being a huge fan of the best reality game show in the planet, I’m excited to learn that there will be a The Amazing Race Philippines coming our way soon. Here’s the teaser if you haven’t seen it yet.

Well nothing much we can get from the video itself except that it will come this year and TV5 gets the exclusive rights to produce and air it (way to go MVP!). I’m seeing PLDT, Smart, and Meralco brand placement all over the show.

When’s the audition?

TV5 left us hanging here. Give us more details please TV5.

So who’s going to host the show?

No info on this one yet but rumors are circulating that Aga Muhlach might be the one getting the gig. Frankly, I’m not excited to have him call the shots. Give us somebody relatively unknown. How about one of the TARA4 teams? There’s the Riches, Jess and Lani. Or what about Marc or Rovilson?

If this Wikipedia entry is to be believed? We might be looking at a trio of hosts which I honestly don’t think is a good idea. One is Joaquin Valdez, Miriam Quiambao’s co-host of 100% Pinoy. Then there’s Jed Montero, a former volleyball player from UP. Rounding up the trio isĀ Fille Cainglet of the Ateneo de Manila Lady Eagles. Hmmm… Aga Muhlach is more believable.

Outside the country or within the country?

The TAR franchise was successful in other local adaptations, like Israel’s Race to the Million and The Amazing Race: China Rush, which is also hosted by TARA’s Allan Wu.

In Israel, the teams get to travel outside the country, but in China, they just went all-over the country which has a lot of far and interesting places anyway. I think for the Amazing Race Philippines, locations within the country will suffice but I wonder how TV5 will handle competing brands accidentally showing up in the background. Hehehe.

What about TARA5?

With this introduction of the Amazing Race Philippines, the future of TARA5 airing this year might be bleak. If you remember, TARA4 got pushed back to make way for the first Amazing Race Israel. We also have to consider that Allan Wu might be going back to host China Rush 3. I really do hope we get to see TARA5 this year since the first episode will take place here in the Philippines.

*Thanks for the tip Jerylle!

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4 Responses

  1. Ronn says:

    my only wish for this franchise is not to be like the total mess which is Survivor Philippines.

    • Calvin says:

      true! sana di puro has-been na artista. sana yung parang unang pbb. lahat ng contestant di sikat.

      • Ronn says:

        oo nga, a good host and a quality editing sana. wag gawing telenovela. Inis na inis ako sa survivor philippines eh, immunity challenge parang music video eh, tapos mas matagal pa ata confessionals. argh. epic fail.

  2. ngayon ko lang to nabasa, akala ko you didn’t post it, agree po ako sa inyo na sana mga unknowns ang mga contestants, tapos sana ok ung editing, un din kasi nakakapagpaexcite sa TAR hehe,

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