5 ill-suited topics to boost your blog’s traffic

Is your blog stuck on a rut? Blog traffic stagnating or even declining? Do you need help fast? Sorry to tell you that there’s no easy way to boost your blog traffic without sacrificing your content and what your blog stands for. But if you wish to go to the dark side, why not blog about these ill-suited topics continuously for a couple of weeks and see your blog traffic rise.

Here’s an important caveat though – don’t expect other bloggers to respect your blog. Blogs should be personal, or have a personal voice. Not just a place where you put random information just because TONs of people will be searching for them.

So here we go…

1. Showbiz scandals

Who doesn’t love showbiz? And what more if it’s scandalous. Gossip is hot in the real world and it will also drive traffic to a blog. If it works for popular showbiz magazines then it should work for your blog. It doesn’t have to be lewd. It could be a simple upskirt photo of this famous star or maybe this alleged mistress of this married actor.

Your conscience tells you: Leave this to showbiz sites. The world doesn’t need another Perez Hilton wannabe.

2. Streaming videos

Got a link to the latest episode of Gilmore Girls or Bleach? Or a streaming video of the latest UFC match? Or maybe a live telecast of Big Brother? Those are just a few types of videos that people look for online. Those who don’t have access to a pay-per-view of a marquee fight will diligently search for streaming videos on the net. Go feed their needs.

Your conscience tells you: Really? Do you call your blog a blog if it’s full of TV episodes? Korean shows? Anime shows? If I want anime, I’ll go to sites like Crunchyroll thank you.

3. Latest mangas

Well it seems that a lot of people still don’t know of sites like OneManga that we find download links to popular mangas on high-traffic blogs week after week.  If you want, choose the top 3 mangas (Naruto and Bleach comes to mind) and post links the latest chapter on your blog every time it becomes available. Refer to OneManga for the links. ;)

Your conscience tells you: Does your blog address have the word “naruto” or “anime” or “manga” on it? Unless you write a personal opinion or review on this week’s Naruto manga, forget about it you copy-paster you.

4. Game cheats

A lot of people plays games. And a good number of them are stuck and would look for cheats or walkthrough. Choose a popular game and google for cheats and re-post it on your site, rinse and repeat and see your traffic grow and your blog health dip. You’re better off starting with games that a lot of kids play because they are not as patient as grown ups when it comes to playing the game on their own. Facebook games perhaps?

Your conscience tells you: Have you actually played the game? Not just created a character that you already forgot about?

5. Exam results

I really can’t blame people for doing this. The official examination body is not that quick enough to post results or their site is not SEO-friendly yet to be searchable. So what bloggers do is post and repost the exam results on their blog because you know, a lot of board and bar examiners go to the internet for the results. And so does their relatives, friends, drivers and postman. That’s a lot of traffic.

Your conscience tells you: Really? Do you really need to post the results on your blog? Why not just tweet the results of the official link to your readers?

I’m sure there are more unpopular topics that you can use to boost your traffic but these are sure-fire ways. Just do them for a couple of weeks and see your traffic increase. It’s also a chain effect so if you rank well on exam results, eventually you will rank well on those TV episodes you’re posting.

So you may be asking, why am I sharing this? Why am I spreading this “dark magic” to bloggers? Well I’m sure maybe one or two of you will try this out on a new blog and probably get some Google AdSense money from it. So that should help you a bit. Secondly, I want to saturate the blogosphere with these types of “blogs” to have them compete with one another so that readers and advertisers will realize that it’s not all about the traffic.


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23 Responses

  1. sherwood says:

    I will stick to my personal blog.. hahaha..

  2. Dan says:

    If I may add, password to porn sites for sure patok din! Hahaha

    I guess that is why it’s important to set goals for your blog. I want my blog to inspire people. ;)

  3. Ryan Agustin says:

    Ok lang ba kay Google Adsense ang iba-ibang topic sa blog? Di ba dapat kung about Photography, photography lang. Kung Fashion, fashion lang? Kase sabe nila, mahihirapan daw si google maglagay ng ads sa blog kase walang specific niche ang isang blog pag ganun. Totoo yun?

    • Calvin says:

      ok lang yun but you’ll get better results pag focus yung blog mo sa isang topic lang. as for mahihirapan si google, i dont think so lalo na pag medyo matagal na blog mo.

  4. Hi, there.

    I’m a blogger who wish to increase traffic on my site. A very good friend of mine recommended your page and I just might try this one.

    Thanks for the post! I’ll keep checking out for more tips. I hope you could visit my blog as well.

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