How to get in-app purchases for free on iOS apps

Here’s a nifty app available for jailbroken devices that I recently came across with (Thanks Li). If you have an app or game that requires you to purchase certain things for a better experience, this method will allow you to do it for free.

iAP Cracker

iAP Cracker lets you have in-app purchases for free. Can’t get the most out of your Smurf game? Use the iAP Cracker. Want more films and lens on your Hipstamatic? Yes you can with iAP Cracker.

So how do you go about it? Load up your jailbroken device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) and follow these simple steps.

1. First thing is to add the source for this package. Launch Cydia and go to Manage > Edit > Add. Then enter this URL:


2. Click Add Source and wait for the source to be loaded. You should see “urus” added to your sources.

iap02 iap03

3. Now go search for iAP Cracker. Don’t know why there are lots of them but I chose the one from urus.


4. One installed, go to your app or game of choice. See here I’m going to try it on Hipstamatic to purchase the Blackeys film. Just click Buy…


5. Tada!!


This app doesn’t work for all apps and games though but it does for quite a number of them. For a list of apps and games that’s compatible with iAP cracker, you can follow this thread.

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33 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    I have a lot of lenses that aren’t showing up in hipstamatic. It prompted me to restore the purchases and asked me for my iTunes password. If I do this will I be charged?

  2. jesus says:

    fucking sweet

  3. sara says:

    hey im wating to get some chips and gold on a app that i play tired of wasting money on it though i gotta a iphone which isnt jailbroken will i still be able to it

  4. John says:

    Can u make this work on clash of clans?

  5. Simon Spies says:

    Great info, thanks :)

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