Touring Puerto Princesa for Two Part 3: Where to Eat

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9 Responses

  1. Robbie says:

    Oooh. Might try that Tamilok when I get a chance to go to PP. Thanks for the info! I wanna try exotic foods. :D

  2. Masarap daw yang tamilok at tsaka healthy pa. Pero buhay pa ba yan pag kinakain?hahaha Thanks nga po pala Sir Calvin sa pag link in sa blog ko po. Add ko po kayo agad. Salamat po uli.^^

  3. Nonoy says:

    Ang ganda talaga sa Palawan. Sana makapunta rin ako dyan balang araw, particularly sa Puerta Prinsesa City. I’ve heard it’s the most peaceful city in the Philippines; even better than Davao. Thanks for sharing your adventure.:-)

  4. I am disappointed with my eating experience at Chicken Inato. They gave us the menu and we ordered tocino meal and bacon meal, at the imprinted price of 125/ set. Then tasting it, there’s no extraordinary even the juice they served is tasteless. Then as we payed, we git surprised. Our bill that must be only 250, became 370. What the! They said the regular meal is at 150 then juice of 35. I asked to show me the price as such in their menu list, but failed to do so, coz there’s none of such! So clear, they are fooling people!! So beware of Chicken Inato, expect the misadventures of relaxation and dining here at Puerto!

    • Hotrod says:

      Hi Pinaymdexplorer,

      I am a native of Puerto Princesa City and a good friend of Ka Inato’s owner, I am sure whatever disappointment you had in your eating experience is not intentional. I will ask my friend to look into this and provide you feedback of what transpired….I am also sure that they are willing to compensate whatever disappointment you have.


      • Hotrod says:

        Hi Pinaymdexplorer,

        I have been informed by the ka Inato owner that they are not serving tocino and bacon meal so this must have happened to other Chicken inato like restaurant….you must be very specific before you put online your disappointment because Ka Inato is different from Chicken Inato.


  5. TonyMontana says:

    Hahaha.. nakakatawa si hotrod.. stroke of genius.. si pinaymdexplorer pa ang pinagsabihan mo.. read bro.. wala nama siyang nabanggit na “ka inato” anywhere in her post.. she said chicken inato..haha so i guess you are the one who shousld be careful with what you comment on.. stupidity can’t be cured..

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