Top 5 Facebook Games not made by Zynga

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  1. Renee says:

    I hope you guys will add to this list. I’m looking for fun games to play that are NOT made by Zynga, since all the Zynga games, especially Vampire Wars (which I used to play a lot) have too many bugs in them. There are new bugs added each week too! It has gotten to the point where the game is not even enjoyable anymore. So I am on the search for new games to play that have nothing to do with Zynga. Zynga needs to hire more customer service and tech people to deal with all the issues they have. I admit, I still feel like I have to play VW about 2x a week to keep up on things for my friends and to collect whatever shiny new thing they have added to the game in order to distract you from all the glitches. But it’s really more like a chore than fun!!! So I hope you will help me out and add a bunch more games to your list! Thank you for this post!!! :)

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