Top 5 Facebook Games not made by Zynga

Most of you probably know how Zynga dominates the Facebook gaming scene month in and month out for the past two years. If you’re tired of Zynga games, tired of tending your farm, managing your mafia or building your city, try these non-Zynga games for a change.

These are the top 5 fairly new Facebook games not made by Zynga:

5. Zombie Lane – 8,266,990 monthly active users

Including Zynga games and other oldie FB games, Zombie Lane is actually in the number 14 spot in the chart. Still, it beats Zynga’s Mafia Wars and Treasure Isle.

zombie lane

Created by Digital Chocolate, Zombie Lane is somewhat similar to FrontierVille but with a zombie twist. Aside from building structures and growing crops, there’s also combat involved, goofy combat at that. You start off with a shovel to defend against the zombies but eventually you’ll be able to unlock and craft different weapons.

4. Bubble Island – 8,436,014 monthly active users

bubble island

If you’ve played Puzzle Bobble on your old gaming console (NES) then Bubble Island by Wooga won’t feel different. Basically, you fire a colored bubble from a cannon and try to match it with other bubbles to make them disappear. There’s a story mode and weekly time attack level and both modes are time-based.

3. Gardens of Time – 13,783,694 monthly active users

Number 7 in the actual chart, Gardens of Time by Playdon is more popular right now than Cafe World and Bejeweled Blitz.

gardens of time

This is perhaps the first successful Seek and Find game popularized by the Mystery Case Files series, but you get to play GoT almost anywhere as long as you can access your Facebook on your browser.

Aside from the Seek and Find aspect of the game, you’ll also have a garden to decorate. You earn cash by finding objects to buy ancient artifacts and other historical objects for your garden. As you decorate your garden, you also gain reputation points that will unlock more scenes for the game.

2. Monster Galaxy – 18,232,961 monthly active users

Pokemon for Facebook anyone? Monster Galaxy by Gaia Online is actually number 5 in the charts.

monster galaxy

Highly influenced by the Pokemon or Monster Rancher game, Monster Galaxy is an RPG game where you need to battle and capture 120 distinct monsters broken down into the 12 zodiac signs. The story and quests will surely keep your kid pre-occupied for long hours.

1. Empire & Allies – 37,672,082 monthly active users

And the number 1 non-Zynga game goes to… aww crap. It’s another Zynga game. So why am I putting it here? Well because it’s new and is really gaining popularity landing right behind CityVille and FarmVille in the charts. Guess you really can’t beat Zynga. @_@

empires and allies

Empires & Allies it like an extension of CityVille, after you build your city you then need to come up with combat strategy. Construction may be familiar but deep down there’s a resource-strategy feel into it to build up your army.

empires and allies combat

The combat portion of the game requires you to defeat The Raven who controls a number of islands. You need to take out each line of defense by going into a turn-based rock-paper-scissor type of combat depending on the units that you bring along.

You can also play bad guy by invading your friends’ islands and steal their money and resources. Of course, don’t be surprised when they un-friend you afterwards.

Sorry for including a Zynga game here. We’re still waiting for EA Games The Sims Social which will probably take the number 1 spot on our list and has a strong chance of unseating Zynga from the Facebook Game throne.

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  1. Renee says:

    I hope you guys will add to this list. I’m looking for fun games to play that are NOT made by Zynga, since all the Zynga games, especially Vampire Wars (which I used to play a lot) have too many bugs in them. There are new bugs added each week too! It has gotten to the point where the game is not even enjoyable anymore. So I am on the search for new games to play that have nothing to do with Zynga. Zynga needs to hire more customer service and tech people to deal with all the issues they have. I admit, I still feel like I have to play VW about 2x a week to keep up on things for my friends and to collect whatever shiny new thing they have added to the game in order to distract you from all the glitches. But it’s really more like a chore than fun!!! So I hope you will help me out and add a bunch more games to your list! Thank you for this post!!! :)

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