Pangkor Laut Resort Experience Part 1: The Long Journey

The Pangkor Laut Resort is a luxury resort on a private island called Pangkor Laut off the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

pangkor laut resort

How were we able to afford to take a vacation here? It was the start of a long journey. Back in February 2011, Tourism Malaysia asked me to write an entry about what I think of Malaysia. Then I was chosen to compete with a few other bloggers in Asia to win a luxury vacation in a private island resort in Malaysia. I’m guessing you already know who won and thanks largely to you, my dear readers.

Thanks to all of you who voted for me (read my Thank you speech again) and allowed me to win this trip along with Tia and two other friends (Hennesy and Joy), we were able to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy ourselves in this high-end island resort for a few days.

And now I’m going to share with you our experience.

Long Journey

Our flight to Kuala Lumpur via Malaysia Air Lines was at 7:40 AM and I thought that was good because we’ll have more time to spend at the resort on our first day.

After almost missing the flight, we arrived at KL International Airport a little before noon. It was a three and a half hour flight from Manila.

at the airport

Our transport service to take us to the resort was already waiting for us and when I asked how long will it take us to get there, he said 4 hours to Lumut plus a 30-minute boat ride to the island! That’s 4-hours of highway driving folks so it’s that far!

with manikam

Actually, the ferry schedule that we were aiming for was the 5PM one so we’ll get to the island by 5:30PM. So much for having more daylight to spend at the resort. At least our transport service (AUV) was very comfortable. Pilot seats, WiFi, complimentary snacks and drinks.

Trying out some local food

First order of business was to grab lunch, Our driver, Manikam, told us we can stop by a popular area by the expressway where there are lots of food choices after an hour ride. Sounds good.

The girls were itching to try some local cuisine. Check out what we had for lunch.

nasi goreng roti french toast noodle

There’s a Nasi Goreng, a Roti french toast and some noodle. Guess who got the BK meal?

burger king


We finally arrived at Lumut around 4:30PM. Lumut is a small town on the western coast of Malaysia. This is no ordinary town because it is where Malaysia’s Naval Base is located.

pangkor laut office at lumut lumut promenade lumut bazaar

Not much people around here though. Tourists and vacationers come here to visit the Palau Pangkor island or get to Pangkor Laut Island.

After confirming our booking at the Pangkor Laut office, we walked around the place while waiting for our boat to arrive. There’s not much to see really.

off to pangkor naval ships off lumut

Finally our speed boat to take us to Pangkor Laut Island. It’s a 30-40 minute ride depending on the waves. Waves were a bit nasty that time that’s why it took us 40 minutes. It was smoother on the way back though.

Arriving at Pangkor Island Resort

Finally we saw the sea villas and the jetty where the boats dock. We received our customary cold towels as well as the welcome drink. They call it rosal juice which is hibiscus mixed with soda. Tastes like medicine but I like it. Hehehe.

arriving at pangkor laut resort pangkor laut reception rosel juice

Even if it was only 5:30PM, the sun was still high (like 4PM in Manila) but we were tired from the journey that we decided to just tackle the resort the following day. We were greeted excitedly by a Filipina staff, Ann, who gave us a map of the resort and explained to us the different parts of the island. She also told us the limitation of our package, what’s included and the free activities that we can do.

in front of our room with anne

Afterwards, she led us to our villa. The hill villas are the newest villas at the resort. We had to to climb a lift and cross the walkway to get to our rooms. We have a view of the resort’s jetty as well as the sunrise in the morning. Nice.

I’ll show you how our room looked like on my next post.

Part 1: The Long Journey
Part 2:
Our Room
Part 3: The Food
Part 4:
The Place

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9 Responses

  1. Nice travel bro, wasn’t able to try that during my stay there. Malaysia is really a fun place, need about 2 months of stay, not just a week…

  2. dan says:

    Kaka-iinggit naman! =)

  3. dyosa says:

    Congratulations! I’m excited to see the villa :)

  4. kill3rfill3r says:

    sarap..libre lahat! Hassle lang ung byahe nyo.

  5. wow! Been to Pangkor last summer but ddnt get to experience the posh resort there, just the backpacker’s guesthouse. haha
    But it is beautiful, I love the serenity of the place and the horn bills and monkey roaming around. Congrats Calvin! You deserve to win! =)

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