How to create a Facebook profile banner in Photoshop

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12 Responses

  1. Xyzsor says:

    I think there’s an easier way to do this,, My girlfriend made me one before.. She just used a facebook app like this one

    All she did was upload a pic, and it was all done automatically i think.. I’m not quite sure coz i wasn’t the one who did it..

  2. I tried doing this for GeekGirlManila’s Facebook page. I just gave up since you’re right, FB randomly jumbles up the photos.

    Pfft :)

    Great tutorial! :)

  3. Jam. says:

    Too bad, Facebook pages jumbles up the picture. BTW, made one a few months ago.

  4. Calvin says:

    Yeah… i don’t know why Facebook has a separate algo for page and profiles when it comes to tagged photos.

  5. Nino says:

    So nobody can mess it up, change your profile settings to disallow others from tagging you in their photos…

  6. xyzsor says:

    I’m not trying to spam here, but a trick is to upload five photos that look good in any order like the one on mine..

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