No more free baggage allowance from Cebu Pacific

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  1. Kat Viacrusis says:

    Salamat po sa reply! Called cebupac sabi nung agent, allowed pa daw po ako since I made the reservation earlier ng april 1. I do hope they stick to that until makapag check-in na ko and all. Salamat po ulit!

  2. Jill Buena says:

    Personally, I think its better now that you can actually choose the size of your baggage when you book your flight.

    The so called “free” 15kg check-in luggage back then was not actually free considering that the total fare was reasonably higher compared to their basic fare nowadays that comes with a 7kg carry-on baggage (which for me is good for about 3-5days worth of clothing)… Well, in business, nothing is ever free. We simply get what we pay for.

    I remember, I used to pay over 5k for a back and forth flight 2 years ago, now its just about the same, sometimes even lesser (pag may promo, haha). To think, the fuel prices have been continuously increasing for the past couple of years. Most likely, this is because they cut back those so called “free” services.

    Anyways, my point is… for me its better that we no longer have to pay for unnecessary luggage fees when you don’t need them. You just have to be more mindful of your luggage and plan your trip carefully, since its way cheaper to buy a prepaid luggage compared to paying for the excess at the airport check-in counter.

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