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A couple of days ago, I listed almost all of the popular group-buying deal sites we have in the country. If you’ve signed up to a lot of these sites, you would know that it’s hard to keep track of all the latest deals of each site.

Be prepared to get a lot of e-mails from these sites if you availed of their newsletter. You can also add them in Facebook or Twitter so you can get updates as deals are made available.

Or you can check out these deal-aggregator sites instead. These sites compile all the latest deals from a lot (not all) of group-buying sites and will categorize it for you so you can just check what you want and filter out the rest.

Frugal Panda

Here’s my favorite local deal-aggregator site. Frugal Panda has a really nice layout which is easy to navigate. However, included deal sites are still limited at the moment but they do have the popular ones.

Deal sites included: Buyanihan, CashCashPinoy, Twangoo, MetroDeal, Ensogo, Beeconomic, CleverBuy, Deal Grocer, DealSpot, Local Roam.

Manila Dealies

This site looks half-baked still. The filters doesn’t seem to work and the links are are confusing. It has a lot of deal sites listed but it looked like it’s only getting deals from a select few. A site to watch out for though.

Deal sites included: Twangoo, MetroDeal,, Ensogo, Beeconomic, Plejee, CleverBuy, Buyanihan, Awesome, filodeals, CashCashPinoy, TipidTo, Muraito, Presyong Patok, Pakyaw, Local Roam, Daily Deals Asia, cuponz, Crazy Deals, Deal Spot, Taralets Buy!, myShopmates, melodeal, Deal Grocer, Groupie,


PH-deals gets a lot of deals from a extensive list of group buying sites (including new ones) and looks pretty updated. It arranges the deals on a list which leads to a lot of scrolling. One major drawback is that you can’t filter by category. Say for example you want to only view Food deals or you want to view only deals from a select number of sites. The only sorting you can do is for deals that are latest, ending soon, by price, or by discount.


Deal sites included: CashCashPinoy, DealGrocer, Beeconomic, Pakyaw, Ensogo, Buyanihan, Twangoo, Awesome, Deal Spot, MetroDeal, Plejee, Local Roam, Crazy Deals, couppie, couponz,, Daily Deals Asia,, Deal Dozen, Winila City, Wow, Alooph, Mura ito, TipidTo, eTreet, Presyong Patok, Groupie, Melo Deal, CleverBuy, My Shopmates,, filodeals, Tara Let’s Buy,, dealsTent, CityPoynt.

Do you know of any other deal aggregator sites out there? Please hit the comments.

You may also want to read my rundown on the popular deal sites we have in the country.

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  1. Chase On Tolin says:

    ayoko sana ishare kaso sige hahaha

    habit ko na yan pagdating ko sa office ang tumingin ang bumili ng deals, actually meron din fb page na binibenta ng mga bumili ung mga nd nila nagamet na voucher

  2. Chase On Tolin says:

    kulang pala :D

  3. Faith says:

    thanks for the heads up! :)

  4. Mitchy_18 says:

    Here’s another one:

  5. Howel says:

    Allo everyone!

    Live inspired; experience your city anew.

    We’re Filodeals, a boutique group buying site, and we will be arriving in Manila soon.

    Do drop by our website and facebook page

    Thanks! :-)

  6. zurc says:

    wow thanks for the info

  7. Hello everybody, I represent Pinoy Deal Hunter. I welcome you to visit us at We are adding support for more coupon sites.

  8. mayo says:

    i want dealspot!!!!!

  9. DealSOCL says:

    Look out for, Asia’s 1st Geolocation based Deal Aggregation site. Coming soon to Phil…

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