Our Misibis Bay Escapade Part 5 – Awesome Activities

There are a lot of stuff to do at Misibis Bay Resort. Certainly, two full days is not enough especially if you’re going to spend a lot of time just inside your cozy room. I’m not talking about lazing under the sun on tempting daybeds and lounge chairs littered around the resort. You can definitely do that but I highly suggest you try the activities.

Awesome activities at Misibis Bay

There are staff handling recreation and they will take care of your group or family’s activities and schedule. Just tell them what you want to do for the day, or have them suggest things for you and they’ll make it happen.

Our recreation master during our stay was Alex. He really knows his stuff and was very patient in teaching us the ropes in each of the activities.

Alex, our team lead for recreation

For our Misibis Bay escapade, our host had a lot in store for us. Check out the following activities we did at the resort.

Scuba diving

In the afternoon on our first day, our first activity was scuba diving. Since we have no experience yet with diving, all we did was the intro dive which is just a 20-feet dive to see the giant clams on the seabed near the marina.

Our dive instructor

When we get to the marina, our dive instructor (cripes I forgot his name) gave us a brief lecture in diving, what to expect underwater, what each of the contraption does, and how to operate the regulator and all those hoses.

Suiting up my gear Tia testing her oxygen underwater

Intro dive is really safe. A diver will be with you all the time to operate your regulator and to steer you in the right direction. All you need to do is breathe normally, paddle your feet and enjoy the sights.

Taken with a Sony TX5

Unfortunately, the camera I brought has a maximum of 10 feet so I couldn’t take a photo of what’s underneath. Lots of corals, small fishes and planted giant clams. It was cold underwater so I didn’t stay long. Hehehe.

If you already know how to dive, the resort can arrange an open water diving for you instead where you can take a boat to a nice diving spot nearby.

Fun at the beach

Next up, we went to the beach for some water activities. Don’t expect Boracay quality beach at Misibis Bay. The sand is actually soft (not powdery soft though) but it is littered with small stones, pebbles, etc. washed ashore. They do make an effort to rake these stones off the shore though.

Misibis Bay Beach

What you can expect is a whole lot of fun water activities. A portion of the beach has a breakwater to keep the big waves out so it’s relatively safe.

Kneeboard / Wakeboard

I wiped out on my first attempt Loads of fun the second time around

We’re newbies when it comes to wakeboarding so Alex said we should try kneeboarding instead. It’s much easier because you’re already set from the get-go unlike in wakeboarding where it’s tricky to get up from your initial lying position.

Hobie Cat Sailing

Getting on board the Hobie Cat Swell ride when the waves starts hitting your face

We also tried Hobie Cat Sailing while waiting for the others to finish. A Hobie Cat is a sailing catamaran. Don’t worry, you don’t have to operate this thing. A guide will do that for you. Just enjoy the breeze, the waves and the taste of seawater. The water was cold so we didn’t go for a long ride.


It was our first time to ride a jetski and it was loads of fun and very thrilling especially if you go outside the breakwater into the open sea where the waves are bigger.

If you're afraid to operate a jetski, you can piggyback

By the way, the jetski and other motorized stuff are not included in the list of activities you can do over and over again.

Other water activities you can do but we didn’t try anymore are kayaking, windsurfing, and bottom fishing. I’ve already done those before so I was already satisfied with what we did.

ATV Ride

The following day, there was a lot more in store for us. Shortly after breakfast, we rode ATVs to reach the top of the hill which has a nice vantage point of the island and its surrounding areas. It’s also our first time to ride an ATV and Alex patiently showed us how to operate the vehicles.

Our ATVs, there's a 2-seater and a 1-seater Tia chose to piggyback and just take photos some parts of the roads were not yet cleared. exciting! Finally arrived on top of the hill A view from the top Good spot for photos

Some debris from landslide the previous week were not yet cleared so it was a tricky and challenging ride. Never fear, Alex guided us up and down the rocky areas until we reach the top of the hill for a wonderful view of the island. Don’t worry about water and cold towels, they have you covered on that as well.


Misibis Bay has this obstacle course just outside the resort. You can do wall climbing, traverse the ropes or do the 200m zipline. I guess it’s fun for kids really. Oh they also host paintball war games here.

Zipline and obstacle course

We wanted to try something more exciting and they suggested we be one of the first to try the 600m zipline. Much better! We already tried the zipline at 850m at Bukidnon but that one was Superman style. This one’s the typical zipline where you will be harness from your belly.

The 600m zipline Weee

The staff manning the zipline are the same in Embarcadero de Legazpi. They’re professionals and they know what they’re doing so don’t be scared.

Sunset Cruise

In the afternoon, we went out for a sunset cruise hoping to get a decent view of Mayon.

The Island Hopper Mayon showed up for us Magic Singing with Mayon as backdrop

We climbed aboard the Island Hopper which is their watercraft that has a nice deck with tables and comfy chairs. The staff brought some kropek and canned sodas for our snacks. Oh and you can also do some videoke via Magic Sing at the back of the boat.

Better drink some motion sickness tablets because the the ride can get choppy. Tia got dizzy on the way back and had to throw up some stuff. Hehehe. Bring some waterproof stuff for your camera as well. You don’t want it to get sprayed by water from the waves.

Even if you’re not much into these type of activities, Misibis Bay can still offer a lot more for you or the kids aside from swimming at their pools or lounging at the beach. Next up are the many amenities the resort offers.

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