Managing multiple Twitter accounts with Multwiple

I finally took over the Twitter account of Pinoy Tech Blog (@officialPTB) so now I need to manage two accounts. One is for Calvin’s Hub (@calvinshub). Instead of logging in and out to manage each account, I need something that allows me to handle multiple Twitter accounts in one platform.


Tweetdeck came to mind but there’s something with my connection that wouldn’t allow me to post tweets even though my feed gets updated. Instead of looking for another application to install, I chose to look for a web-based one ala Meebo.

Enter Multwiple. Corny name right?

Anyway, it’s a very straightforward website to use and looks like a tabbed version of Twitter. No need to sign up or anything although that would be a possibility when it comes out of beta.


To add an account, just click the Add tab and it will let you log in to your Twitter account or use it if you’re already logged in in the first place.


It has one feature that I really want on my Twitter account, the URL shortener. Just enter the URL in the pop-up field and it will add a URL on your Status Message field. You can also add photos (for Twitpic) to your message.


By default, it has three columns for your News Feed, Direct Messages and Mentions. You can add more columns by double-clicking the items like Favorites, Followers, etc. on the left side.

Only thing I don’t like here is that when you open a link from within, you will also get the Multwiple frame on top which I could not seem to remove.

Still, Multwiple is very simple and effective. Just what I want from my web app. I doubt if you would replace your Tweetdeck but if you find yourself not able to install any applications or Adobe Air, Multwiple is a pretty capable alternative.

Know any other web apps that can handle multiple Twitter accounts which is better than Multwiple?

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  1. Glad to know there is something out there, in case you have multiple accounts…thanks for sharing.

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