How to show all your friends updates in Facebook

Have you noticed why some of your Facebook friends’ updates are not showing up on your news feed? I realized this whenever I use Facebook on my Android phone or on my iPod Touch. In those two devices, I see updates from people I don’t normally hear about when using Facebook on my PC.

where are my feeds

By default, Facebook only shows you updates on friends you usually interact with. So if your buddy hasn’t been updating his status for quite awhile, chances are you’ll miss any of his future updates. Facebook does this to prevent an overwhelming number of status updates on your feed, which is a good thing if you have thousands of friends.

However, you can still choose to show all your friends’ updates if you feel like it or if they’re important to you. Here’s how:

1. On your News Feed, click the “down” arrow beside Most Recent and select Edit Options.


2. Click the “Show posts from” dropdown and select “All your friends and pages”.


If you still wish to hide updates from some people, what you can do is manually remove them from your feeds by clicking the “X” beside their status update on your feed.


*Robx, I didn’t hide your updates. Just using it as an example. Hehehe.

That’s it. That’s how you show all your friends’ updates.

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5 Responses

  1. Raul Barrios says:

    thanks for that useful information. that figures why i didn’t get to see a friend’s vacation!

  2. I also noticed this before on my feed, I don’t see anymore updates from my close friends, thank you for sharing this one :)

  3. That explains why some updates on my friends’ wall doesn’t appear on my updates. Let me check this setting. Thanks :)

  4. Renz Paolo says:

    thank you soo much for you info! :)

  5. reyna says:

    oh! i see! thats why i dont see any updates anymore… i was thinking…. di na ba nag fefezbuk mga friends ko??

    yun pala…. i havent interacted much with my facebook friends to show their updates…

    and echoserong pakelamero ang facebook na bigla bigla na lang nag ro roll out ng new updates without notifying it users!

    kaloka! >,<

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