The Amazing Race Asia 4 Episode 11 – Finale

It’s now or never as we head to our last leg of the race.

Will the Philippines finally win the race after being really close the past two seasons? I hope so. The teams are in Singapore this evening for the viewing party, does that mean Michelle and Claire won the race? Don’t count out Hussein and Natasha as they suddenly looked formidable after a surprise 1st place finish in the last leg.

Let’s find out who will be The Amazing Race Asia 4 winners. Go Team Philippines!

Fly to Singapore

Teams must fly to Singapore and travel by taxi to Cavenagh Bridge where they will find lion dancers who have their next clue. Good for Michelle and Claire as they will be racing on their home court.

Hussein and Natasha set out to the airport at 1 PM. Every lead counts here because there are still lots of flight in the middle of the day. The Richards started 10 minutes after but eventually, all three teams caught up with each other at the airport.

There was no direct flight to Singapore so teams had fly to Gimpo airport then take a taxi to Incheon International Airport to make the 7:45 PM direct flight to Singapore. It will be a tight connection since teams will be arriving at Gimpo at 6:30 PM.

Getting stressed at the airport

Arriving at Gimpo, the Richards got kinda hold up a bit at the taxi bay as they failed to board the next taxi on the line. Still, they arrived at the international airport ahead of Michelle and Claire. Not wanting to wait as chance passengers on the next flight out, they booked tickets for a more definite but later flight.

Hussein and Natasha were the only team who managed to board the first flight out of South Korea that will arrive in Singapore at 12 midnight. I’m hoping for an Hours of Operation here.

Michelle and Claire didn’t make it to the first flight. They also wasn’t able to get a ticket on the next flight and they were stuck at the ticket counter pleading their case.

The Richards took the next flight via Shanghai which will arrive in Singapore at 4 AM.

Claire was getting frustrated after they were being passed around from one counter to another. She lost it and they end up arguing. Oh no. Bad start for the girls.

Hussein and Natasha managed to get the clue at Cavenagh Bridge without any problem.

Chili Crabs!

Teams must make their way to Red House Seafood Restaurant where they must extract 1 kilogram worth of crab meat from a pile of steaming chili crabs.

When the Indonesians arrived, they found an Hours of Operation for 10 in the morning. Yes! The other teams can catch up. Father and daughter decided to sleep on benches nearby to save money.

Unfortunately for Michelle and Claire, their flight via Bangkok to Singapore will arrive at 10:25 AM. The first two teams will have a very considerable lead.

Come morning, the Richards were happy to see Hussein and Natasha and they were wondering where the Singaporeans were.

After dealing with some hot crabs, the Richards managed to reach the 1-kilo mark first to get their next clue.

Vintage cars, that’s how we roll

Next task is for teams to go to any four Caltex service stations where they will see a marked vintage car. They will receive their clue and must use that car to travel around Singapore. It’s a first come first serve thing so if the car’s already taken, teams must proceed to a different service station.

Hussein and Natasha finished their crabs while the Richards were still waiting for a taxi. Unfortunately for the boys, they didn’t notice the taxi on a nearby corner which the Indonesians managed to snag. They headed to the nearest service station where they got their clue and their vintage ride.

Instead of going to the next nearest service station, the Richards went to the same station as the Indonesians and true enough, the car’s already taken so they went to the next spot.

Detour: Stay Up or Add Up

In Stay Up, teams must make their way to the Wavehouse at Sentosa where they must ride the simulated wave and stay up for a combined 2 minutes. This looks difficult if you’re not good at balancing.

In Add Up, teams must go to Clark Quay where they must ride the GMAX reverse bungee. It’s a seated ride where two people are shot up and will bounce up and down for 10 seconds. While in mid-air, teams must add up three numbers that the host will shout just before the ride starts. They have 10 seconds to shout their answer or else they will have to do it again with different numbers.

Although Add Up requires a lot of concentration, I think it’s the easier of the two. Besides it’s nearer from their current location as compared to going to Sentosa Island.

Hussein and Natasha chose Stay Up since Natasha doesn’t want to deal with heights.

Surprisingly, the Richards chose to do Add Up considering that they look like they have good balance for Stay Up and RHAR is afraid of heights.

The Richards arrived at Clark Quay and at this point, Michelle and Claire just arrived at the restaurant. Claire got disheartened after seeing the empty crab parts littering the table. They are way behind.

On their first try, the Richards forgot the third number as they ran out of time. It looked harder than it seems. RHER mentioned that it was a sick, sadistic challenge.

Hussein and Natasha were having trouble staying up. They could only manage to do it a few seconds at most. Hussein wanted to switch but Natasha said she can’t do the bungee so they stayed on the waves.

Meanwhile, the Richards got the answer right on their second attempt and they were off to the next task.

Wanna try some magic?

Next is for teams to make their way to St. James Power Station where they had to perform an magic trick. They must watch this Singaporean illusionist and his assistant perform an illusion and copy it.

One member is handcuffed and placed inside a box. When the person outside opens the box the first time, it must be empty. When he opens it the second time around, his partner must reappear without the handcuffs. The performance must take only 2 minutes max.

Hussein and Natasha were finally done with their surfing task.

The Richards were taking their time performing the trick and it was funny watching them on their first attempt. The box was kinda cramped for RHAR so when RHER opened it, he was still there. Hahaha. They switched places on their second attempt.

Michelle and Claire found their vintage Rolls Royce and Claire wanted to do surf because she’s afraid of heights. Not the right choice in my opinion if they want to save time.

The Richards failed on their second attempt when RHER didn’t get his handcuffs off on time. Hussein and Natasha arrived and the Richards must give way. The Indonesians where all business and Natasha won’t have problems maneuvering inside the box. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to get her cuffs off.

With the arrival of another team, the Richards were more focused on their third attempt and they were able to do the performance correctly for their next clue.

Roadblock: Tightrope Walking

Teams must make their way on top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel. A member must walk a tightrope 55 stories above ground from Tower 1 to Tower 2 and back. This is a similar task as that of the canopy walk in episode 4 but only longer. It was the task where Hussein had trouble hanging onto the rope and fell so they switched task.

RHAR is afraid of heights so RHER chose to do the roadblock.

Hussein and Natasha finished their magic trick and upon reading the next task. Natasha quickly asked her dad to do it. What?! It’s a physical task and Hussein already had trouble with the same task in Sri Lanka and the Acrobat task in Sydney. Uh-oh, this doesn’t sound good.

Back to the Singaporeans, Claire sucked at surfing but good thing Michelle had really good balance and they were able to finish their task faster than the Indonesians.

RHER was pumped and raring to go. More than halfway to Tower 2, the Indonesians arrived. RHER got the clue and was able to get back to Tower 1 before a hesitant Hussein could even start.

How good is your memory?

Teams must then travel by marked elevator to the Sky Park swimming pool of the hotel. They must answer 7 multiple questions about trivia from the places they’ve been to during the race by placing a colored ring (lifesaver) that corresponds to the right answer on clue boxes in the pool.

More drama

Hussein still wouldn’t do the task. Too bad it was a roadblock so he couldn’t switch with her daughter. He wanted to take the 4-hour penalty but Natasha said there’s no such thing because it’s the last leg already. Tension arises between father and daughter. Yikes!

Meanwhile, Michelle and Claire were done at the magic trick. Claire is afraid of heights so she asked Michelle to do the tightrope. They were emotional on the way to their next task. They think that everyone’s finished already with their 10-hour head start and Michelle was tearing up. They decided not to give up and just finish the race properly. Way to go girls!

Hussein still won’t budge. He told Natasha that he was traumatized from what happened in the tightrope task in Sri Lanka. He was giving up. Natasha was disappointed. Hussein says there’s no point trying to catch up with the Richards anyway and really wants to give up. Natasha was already crying, she just wants to finish the race the right way.

The Richards really thought hard answering the questions but they didn’t feel the pressure.

Natasha wants her father to just try. Hussein obliged but after taking the first step on the tight rope, he wavered and said that he just couldn’t do it. He gave up and the team had to wait 4 hours before proceeding to the next task.

Michelle and Claire finally caught up and they were really happy. You can see the glow in Michelle’s face as she stepped onto the tight rope. She was glad that they were given a chance not to finish last. Hussein and Natasha were staring at her helplessly.

End game

At this point, the editing made it seem that the girls can still catch up with the Riches who were still at the pool. But when Michelle and Claire made their way to the pool for their last task, the Riches were nowhere to be seen. Yes, the Riches won. RHAR even took his time to tie his laces.

I have to point out that the Singaporeans were prepared for the task as Michelle was looking at her notes while Claire was placing the correct colored rings. Good job girls.

The pit stop was at the Sky Park observation deck where the other racers were waiting. The Richards won The Amazing Race Asia 4 and $100,000. They did the country proud! Woohoo!! After two almost-but-not-quite finish in the past two seasons, we finally won TARA!


Rich Hardin and Rich Herrera are the winners of TARA 4

First of all, congratulations to all three teams. I’m so happy that Philippines finally won TARA. Congrats to Michelle and Claire too for not giving up even after trailing so far behind. Good job on the notes too!

The tasks on this last leg are in favor of the Richards especially the tightrope where you need to be physically fit. All teams have one member who’s afraid of heights but RHAR could suck up his fear for his partner and they saved a lot of time doing the Add Up task.

If only Michelle and Claire made it to Singapore before the Chili Crab restaurant opened, they would be giving the Riches a run for their money. Not making an earlier flight was a bad blow for the girls.

Now I don’t really understand why Natasha can’t just conquer her fear of heights. Even if his dad is not afraid of heights, he’s in no shape to do the task as evident with what happened in Sri Lanka. It’s the end game already and Natasha has more chance of completing the task than her dad. Oh well.

Rich Hardin and his girl, Andrea

Rich Hardin proposes to his girl, Andrea at the TARA 4 Finale Viewing Party in Singapore

On a side note, at the viewing party in Singapore, Rich Hardin proposed to his girl Andrea who said “yes” so it’s a double win for him! Congratulations Rich!

Now I’m sad. TARA’s over. Thank you for those of you who stuck with me to read my lengthy recaps. I hope I did a good job. Can’t wait for next season which I hope will be an all-star TARA season because I want to see Jess and Lani compete again. =)

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12 Responses

  1. andrefaelnar says:

    i noticed in the pit stop where all the teams waiting for the final three teams to get to the pit stop, i noticed that jess is the only one there. it made me wonder where’s lani? if you look back in the finale, you noticed that lani is missing. oh well at least our home team philippines won TARA. congrats to them. they really deserved to win this race. if you noticed throughout the race they never put a grudge against other teams and they never hated anybody. you noticed in the korea leg, they never talk about their thoughts of the other teams. like i said they didnt hate anybody. they really came out focused and im glad it payed off as they won TARA.once again congrats to the richards for winning TARA. let’s hope that next season there would be another philippine team who would follow their steps. or like you said hope for an all-star season of TARA. i want to see the richards, rovilson and marc or jess and lani compete again as well. good job on the recap calvin. it was well said. keep on posting recaps for the next seasons to come. i admire and read your thoughts on the recaps of every season of TARA.. keep it up. mabuhay ang pilipinas! XD

  2. nike7 says:

    I did not see lani also? Where was she? She was not at the finish line with all the other eliminated contestants. Jess was there tho? Does anybody know what happened to lani?

  3. Magnus says:

    “I won’t let a guy in pink get in our way.” FTW!

  4. Doty says:

    Weeee!! I’m so happy !!! Mabuhay!!

    Thanks for the effort Calvin! :-)

  5. Ronn says:

    thanks for the recap calvin!!! finally, we have our first win!!!

    i heard lani had a broken collarbone that’s why she’s not on the pitstop… how sad :(

    • nike7 says:

      I heard something about a broken collarbone from an interview I read online. I don’t remember the specifics, but does anyone know how she got hurt? Was it specifically from the Race and if so from what task and in what city?

    • Calvin says:

      ei ronn, where did you hear it from? how’d she get the broken collarbone?

  6. nike7 says:

    the article above doesn’t give too much specifics. it just said that she broke her collarbone trying to finish the race and that was it.

  7. chu says:

    i dont understand why natasha kept asking her father to do the task when she can motivate her own self and do it???? is there any specific reason?? and why didnt her father asked her to do it, even once??

    • andrefaelnar says:

      you’re right. if natasha would have done the final road block. it would have been different because hussein isnt physically fit to do this task. they would have been second instead of third. but too bad. why would hussein give up so easily. natasha has a point. there is no harm in trying and try to finish the race the right way. she has a point there.

    • Calvin says:

      well i think natasha made it clear to her dad that she can’t do height tasks. Her dad wants them to switch to the Add Up but she said no. but i think the last leg was really a time to face her fear in height. she didn’t want to and that’s why they lost.

    • chu says:

      ya, but her father made it clear too that he can’t do it is so unfair that she kept pushing her father instead of pushing her ownself. i was thinking that maybe she has any special medical condition which prevented her from doing the task..

      anyway, congrats to the Richards! :)

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