The Amazing Race Asia 4 Episode 10

It’s now down to the final four as we are coming to a close. After this there’s only one more episode before the finale. Teams are currently in Lombok, Indonesia but they’re bound to leave the country on this leg.

Leading the pack are Jess and Lani from the Philippines and coming in at last place are the other Philippine team, the Richards who had a nail-biting finish in the last episode which eliminated Ethan and Khairie. Hussein and Natasha, Michelle and Claire are second and third respectively.

Let’s get this show on the road and find out who will be in the final three.

Fly to South Korea

Teams must fly to Pohang, South Korea and from their they must decode the clue (something to do with hands) to get to the location for their next clue.

Jess and Lani moved out at 3:10 AM followed immediately by Hussein and Natasha. Almost two hours later, the Richards took a cab to the airport. There they met the rest of the teams.

Jess and Lani moving away from the group

Jess and Lani decided to move away from the group. They used their charm to talk to an airport officer who let them inside where they were able to book their tickets. This drew some snide comments from the other teams who were stuck at the other side of the room.

The strategy didn’t really gave Jess and Lani an advantage since all teams were still able to board the same flight. It only gave the other teams a reason to dislike them.

Looking for the hand

Decoding the clue meant that the teams must get to the bronze sculpture called the Hands of Harmony where they will find their next clue.

Landing at Pohang Airport, Jess and Lani went to an internet kiosk to search about the “hand” and they were able to figure out their destination and headed out to get a taxi. Good thinking girls!

The rest of the teams went outside the airport thinking that the clue was somewhere in the area. Michelle and Claire boarded a taxi and simply asked the driver to take them to the “hand”. Good thing he understood them.

The Richards got into a taxi and asked the driver to follow Michelle and Claire’s taxi. Hussein and Natasha told their driver to follow the Richards’ taxi.

Unsure of themselves, the Richards told their driver to take them back to the airport where they might have missed looking for the clue. Hussein and Natasha followed them back as well.

Back at the airport, the Richards thought the clue meant a casino and they asked a local if there’s a casino around. Fortunately, there’s none or else they will be on a wild goose chase. They headed back inside the airport where RHAR found a photo of a hand sculpture. They asked information who gave them a map and marked the place for them. Hussein and Natasha saw them and also asked help from information.

Jess and Lani were the first to arrive at the Hands of Harmony.

Getting to Girimsa

Next is for teams to drive a marked vehicle to Girimsa Temple where they will find their clue.

Michelle and Claire arrived just as Jess and Lani were leaving the place. Jess and Lani were conserving their cash and opted not to hire a taxi to lead them to the temple. They just decided to wing it. Michelle and Claire however, hired a taxi to lead the way.

The Richards arrived next. Good thing information gave them a map but too bad it’s in Korean. They were able to ask a local driving a vehicle if they could follow him to Girimsa.

Jess and Lani couldn’t read their Korean map and they stopped by a house on the side of the road to ask directions. Fortunately, they were able to ask a local to join them in their vehicle to point the way.

Hussein and Natasha hired their taxi to lead them to the temple.

First to arrive at the temple were Claire and Michelle but the Richards who ran faster beat them to the clue box.

How well do you know your teammate

Next task is for team members to answer a series of questions one at a time regarding their thoughts on other teams. The second member must match his answers with his partner to receive the next clue.

Waiting for the partner to guess their answers

This one’s tough especially for teams who don’t talk to each other about their feelings regarding other teams, like the Richards for instance.

Jess and Lani finally arrived at the temple thanks to their friendly passenger.

After spending a lot of time figuring the correct answer, Michelle was finally able to match her answer with Claire’s and they were off.

For whom the bell tolls

Next up is for teams to drive to Seokguram Grotto and ring the unification bell three times.

Michelle and Claire still have their taxi driver to lead them the way.

Hussein and Natasha finally caught up with the remaining two teams at the temple.

After a few more tries, RHAR was able to get his answers right. Jess finally got hers right as well. Natasha was the last to complete the task but they still have their taxi driver with them to lead the way.

Michelle and Claire arrived at the grotto first and they got their clue after ringing the bell three times.

Detour: Bow n’ Arrow or Rock n’ Roll

Teams must make their way to this school where they will have to choose between Bow n’ Arrow and Rock n’ Roll tasks.

Bow n’ Arrow is just an archery task. They must choose a team photograph as target and must hit it three times with their arrows. In Rock n’ Roll, teams must build a ceremonial pagoda by stacking rocks until it reaches a certain height.

Michelle and Claire chose Bow n’ Arrow and followed their taxi to the detour task.

At the grotto, it was Jess and Lani who arrived ahead of the Richards who got lost themselves. The girls chose Bow n’ Arrow.

Michelle and Claire arrived at the archery range and chose Jess and Lani as their targets.

Hussein and Natasha arrived at the grotto and chose Bow n’ Arrow as their task. They met the Richards on their way out who also chose Bow n’ Arrow.


Hussein and Natasha still had their taxi to lead them the way. The Richards saw them and hanged back to follow the Indonesians and their taxi. This infuriated Natasha who thought that the Richards were having a free ride. She asked the Richards to share the taxi fare and the boys agreed to give them extra money.

Rock on!

Claire and Michelle building their rock pagoda

Michelle and Claire spent a lot of time at the archery task without getting a single hit in so they decided to do the rock stacking task instead.

Meanwhile, Hussein and Natasha and the Richards arrived at the archery range. They chose Jess and Lani and Ethan and Khairie Sahil and Manas respectively as their targets. Jess and Lani were still driving around and they realized that they went to the wrong place.

Michelle and Claire finally got their pagoda approved and got their next clue just as their stack of rocks crashed down.

Roadblock: Warrior Code

This is a nice roadblock. It is a course with three levels being guarded by warriors. Each level has 5 doors and a member must enter in the correct door to proceed to the next level until they reach the warrior master. He/she will have three tries before going back at the start to let the other teams try.

Teams waiting for their turn at the Warrior Code

What’s nice about this is that Jess and Lani can still catch up because there’s only one team that can do the roadblock at a time. Hehehe. Other than that, it’s such an easy task.

Michelle chose to do it for her team. They still have their taxi with them to lead them to the course.

The Richards finally completed their archery task and RHER chose to do the roadblock.

Meanwhile, Jess and Lani were still lost and they couldn’t figure out the map. Lani was already stressed from driving around. Finally they found and asked a taxi to lead them to the detour task.

Hussein and Natasha were finally done with archery and Natasha chose to do the roadblock.

Trailing behind

Jess and Lani finally got to the archery range and they chose themselves as their targets. Hahaha. Way to go girls. They quickly completed hitting their targets as the other teams were still figuring out the warrior code.

At the roadblock, it was RHAR who got to finish the course first. They hurried off to their next destination which was the pit stop at Anapji Pond after giving Natasha some money for the taxi.

Michelle finished the detour next and they caught up with the Richards at the parking lot. It seemed that they didn’t hire their taxi any more. Probably ran out of money?

Natasha cracked the code next and they still had their taxi with them to lead them to the pit stop.

At this point, Lani completed the roadblock after three attempts. At first she didn’t know what to do as she tried to outran the warriors after each wrong guess. Hahaha. Cute Lani.

Claire asking for directions on the way to the pit stop

Michelle and Claire got lost on the way to the pit stop that they had to stop and ask a local for directions. A bad time to get lost.

Unfortunately for the Richards, the Indonesians can’t get lost with their taxi leading the way and for the first time, Hussein and Natasha arrived first at the Pit Stop. Good job guys. You deserve it!

Jess and Lani couldn’t catch up as they came in last and got eliminated. Ouch. Don’t worry girls, we’re really proud of you.

  1. Hussein and Natasha – 7-night vacation package at Hilton Maldives
  2. Richard and Richard
  3. Michelle and Claire
  4. Jess and Lani (eliminated)


Well, it is the end of the road for Jess and Lani. They were doing good at the start of the leg but they got lost big time going to the detour. Sigh. I pegged them to be the most likely to win the race. Was it karma for what they did at the airport in Indonesia? They should’ve paid the taxi like the other teams. It’s really difficult to travel around a non-English speaking country.

Oh well, we still have the Richards.

Hussein and Natasha really surprised me. Using a taxi all throughout the leg really paid off for them. It was also good that they were the third team to finish the task or else the other teams would just follow them.

It’s a good final three. All teams are evenly matched. Michelle and Claire silently made their way to the top three. Who would’ve thought right? I’m still rooting for the Richards though. Go Philippines.

I’ll be skipping the episode next week which will be featuring the best moments of TARA 4. I’ll be in Vietnam by then but I’ll be back in time for the finale.

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